Stabilization Quotes

I have just joined the Board of the Population Institute because I am convinced that early stabilization of the world's population is important for the attainment of this objective.

Greece is a pillar of peace and security in a region where stabilization is on the growth.

We cannot afford to lose another decade. If we lose another decade it becomes extremely costly to achieve climate stabilization.

Perhaps adjustment and stabilization while good because it cuts your pain is also bad because development towards a higher ideal ceases?

The history of life is a tale of decimation and later stabilization of few surviving anatomies not a story of steady expansion and progress.

Though my stabilization chute opens at 96 000 feet I accelerate for 6 000 feet more before hitting a peak of 614 miles an hour nine-tenths the speed of sound at my altitude.

Our country and state have a special obligation to work toward the stabilization of our own population so as to credibly lead other parts of the world toward population stabilization.