Stability Quotes

Always remember that the most important thing in a good marriage is not happiness but stability.

Remember the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability.

True stability results when presumed order and presumed disorder are balanced. A truly stable system expects the unexpected is prepared to be disrupted waits to be transformed.

Life has a much bigger plan for you. Happiness is part of that plan. Health is part of that plan. Stability is part of that plan. Constant struggle is not.

Stability can be a good thing but it can also lead to apathy. I don't want to set that example for my children. I want them to believe in their dreams and to go after them. You do that by example.

True stability results when presumed order and presumed disorder are balanced.

Valor is stability not of legs and arms but of courage and the soul.

Remember above all that mental stability comes by examining the contents of the mind not by avoidence.

A woman can take care of the family. It takes a man to provide structure to provide stability.

Decent work is at the heart of the search for dignity for the individual stability for the family and peace in the community

A party of order or stability and a party of progress or reform are both necessary elements of a healthy state of political life.

A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise

If we have a chance of succeeding and bringing stability and democracy to Iraq it will mean learning from our mistakes not denying them and not ignoring them.

Compassion is not religious business it is human business it is not luxury it is essential for our own peace and mental stability it is essential for human survival.

When people say that meditation makes them calm they are often referring to this stability of the mind. A stable mind creates the foundation for a happier and more contented person.

The security of Society lies in custom and unconscious instinct and the basis of the stability of Society as a healthy organism is the complete absence of any intelligence amongst its members.

Stability is not immobility.

Stability means respecting precedents.

Desire +Stability = Resolution Resolution +Hard work=success

Stability is not the way of the world.

Stability can only be attained by inactive matter.

Stability is why society has an interest in marriage.

Stability was overrated. Crises and adventures on the other hand could actually teach you something.

Italy even in the future will not need aid from the European Financial Stability Fund.

Stability and a prosperous life cannot be set off against a set of political rights and freedoms.

Stability is when the U.K. and U.S. invade a country and impose the regime of their choice.

I put my money on Brexit. The EU Financial Stability Commissioner Jonathan Hill from Britain still owes me a pound.

Stability and peace in our land will not come from the barrel of a gun because peace without justice is an impossibility.

We no longer have the pact from 1997; it was radically amended in 2005 and the Commission is applying this Stability Pact with wisdom and rationality.

Stability leads to instability. The more stable things become and the longer things are stable the more unstable they will be when the crisis hits.

If we wish to have a beautiful peaceful and safe home we need healthy expanding roots that go deep into the ground. These roots are our Routine our Stability our Structure.

When we...go back in to the past and rake up all the troubles we've had we end up reeling and straggering through life. Stability and peace of mind come by living in the moment.

Alliances and partnerships produce stability when they reflect realities and interests.

It's time to bury the unreal failed 'realism' of those who have long thought that dictators brought stability.

If a country doesn't recognize minority rights and human rights including women's rights you will not have the kind of stability and prosperity that is possible.

As an actor to have achieved financial stability is amazing. But I always have this weird fear that I'm not going to get any more work; it's about not having enough money.

It's very hard for me to get a new car. It's really hard for me to get a new house. It's really hard for me to move on from the things that give me stability.

To one who loves his country in all its parts it is natural to rejoice in whatever contributes to the prosperity and honor and marks the stability and progress of any portion of its people.

I guess I crave stability.

Our success comes from stability.

Flexibility is the key to stability.

The key to success is emotional stability.

The enemy of stability can be complacency

Marriage is gonna be your stability through everything.

Women can build stability. We can make peace.

I find that stability is good for my creativity.

Interest rates are used to achieve overall economic stability.

I love TV. I love the stability of it.

Fundamentalist governments and organizations endanger stability in the world.

Labour economic stability has replaced Tory boom and bust

When stability becomes a habit maturity and clarity follow.

The cost of stability is often diminished opportunities for growth.

No one welcomes chaos but why crave stability and predictability?

A vow imparts stability ballast and firmness to one's character.

Emotional stability has not been America's gift to the world.

Another threat to stability is the rise of Internet gambling

No time limit in Iraq; stay until we achieve stability.

Don't look to the approval of others for your mental stability

Every quotation contributes something to the stability or enlargement of language.

Europe tends to favor stability over democracy America democracy over stability.

Unicef wants to encourage a sense of stability for a child.

It is a question of our own peace and mental stability.

The statesman cannot govern without stability of belief true or false.

Unification is one thing and stability in Northeast Asia is another thing.

Chinese don't really believe in markets. They like stability they like control.

It's the Law of God that gave the stability to Christian civilization.

We don't want to change. Every change is a menace to stability.

You want to have stability in the commercial aspect of your operation.

In the long run stability cannot be purchased at the expense of liberty.

Broaden your vision and maintain stability while advancing forward. That is my philosophy.

Iran is an island of stability in a turbulent corner of the world

I suppose I shall marry eventually One does that one drifts into stability

Alas how wretched is the being who depends on the stability of public favour!

We will work to bring an element of stability to the price of oil.

In a way one gets stability from being able to order the rational mind.

There can be no peace no stability as long as occupation and aggression continue.

Our stability is but balance and conduct lies In masterful administration of the unforseen.

A comprehensive list of factors brings predictive stability and predictive stability and predictive power.

There are few more powerful tools for promoting stability than the institution of marriage.

The world's people all share the earnest aspiration to have peace stability justice and cooperation.

We always use plywood rather than MDF for structural stuff for the same reasons [stability].

Without full awareness of breathing there can be no development of meditative stability and understanding.

True inward quietness ... is not vacancy but stability - the steadfastness of a single purpose.

I don't think all people yearn for freedom actually. I think they yearn for stability.

Children have a right to some stability and constancy from the adults in their lives.

The stability we cannot find in the world we must create within our own persons.

I don't think you can write novels on the road. You need a certain stability.

Be ready to face the worst. This will leave you with stability in your mind.

We can say you can win the war only when you restore stability in Syria.

Ms. Clinton like the Obama administration more broadly believes that appeasing Islamists... promotes peace and stability.

Never think that lack of variability is stability. Don't confuse lack of volatility with stability ever.

The emotional security and political stability in this country entitle us to be a nuclear power.

For the stability of the Government the people should have a considerable voice in the elections.

I think there are people for whom freedom is a bigger more important thing than stability.

Regular practise of yoga can help you face the turmoil of life with steadiness and stability

Since life itself is uncertain nothing which has life for its basis can boast much stability.

Non-democratic regimes always need to mobilize their people against external enemies in order to maintain internal stability.

Our preferences for stability and security blind us to the opportunities for adventure when they present themselves.

The whole global warming thing is created to destroy America's free enterprise system and our economic stability.

Today's business model is bad for people bad for the economy and bad for stability and democracy

Since 1970 relationships can be more volatile jobs more ephemeral geographical mobility more intensified stability of marriage weaker.

The early Bob Dylan was compulsively drawn to the conflict between stability and the search for immortality.

Taking measures to ensure stability could assure the long-term economic growth and welfare at a global level

Contemplate the extent and stability of the heavens and then at last cease to admire worthless things.

The peace produced by grace is a spiritual stability too deep for violence ? it is unshakeable

Canada is preparing to play a major role in the continued stability and security of Afghanistan through ISAF.

The internet brought many laudable things but prosperity stability accountability and honest politics were not four of them.

We have created stability which is a necessary condition for development. But I can't call this system authoritarian.

Looking deeply at life as it is in this very moment the meditator dwells in stability and freedom.

Women are not just victims; they are survivors and leaders on the community-level backlines of peace and stability.

The real threat to world stability is not too much American power. It is too little American power.

American presence is you know the major cause of balance of power and the stability in this region.

But since independence Gabon is one of the few countries in Central Africa that enjoys peace and stability.

I'm not living large; I just want to live comfortably. I wanna have financial stability that is unshakable.

Wisdom is the God-given ability to see life with rare objectivity and to handle life with rare stability.

[Helmut] Kohl said Europe must return to being a community committed to stability and the rule of law.

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people...

I ask Liberians to pray so that God will bring peace and stability and bring about unification to ourselves.

But what I really believe is education is a key to pretty much everything - prosperity economics peace stability.

The biggest threat to global stability is the potential for food crises in poor countries to cause government collapse.

All great natures delight in stability; all great men find eternity affirmed in the very promise of their faculties.

The ocean after all is not about stability but about change. Change is normal. Everything changes. All the time.

Priceless things matter not for their value but because they offer us an enduring reminder of stability and permanence.

The Federal Budget can and should be made an instrument of prosperity and stability not a deterrent to recovery.

I am not the easiest guy to live with. It is probably the lack of stability in my life.

Improving oversight of hedge funds and other private funds is vital to their sustainability and to our economy's stability.

I feel that marrying younger and being quite a young dad helped me with the stability of my career.

The position is that stability and peace in Asia depend on a cooperative relationship between China and the United States.

The incredible stability in inflation is really a novel human experience. And the inflation is being the result of money.

All together we know for many years that terror is the most dangerous thing for local regional and international stability.

You have a choice of trusting the natural stability of gold or the honesty and intelligence of members of government.

In my view stability only comes with a government that is elected by the people and works for the people.

There is a comfort in rituals and rituals provide a framework for stability when you are trying to find answers.

I've had job stability for years at a time. You really develop great relationships with the people you work with.

Majority of the African countries are now enjoying stable governance. Before you talk about economic growth political stability is key.

Meditation clarifies our minds and opens our hearts and brings us to unusual depth and stability of happiness whatever life brings.

Once we started to urbanize we put ourselves on this treadmill. We traded away stability for growth. And growth requires change.

Throwing young men out of work throwing people into poverty and ending business life don't promote stability in the Palestinian territories .

When the economy of a country is based fundamentally on the principles of truth and honesty that nation experiences economic stability.

There are considerable advantages to using many degrees of freedom to store information stability and controllability being perhaps the most important.

Never never never think - that's one lesson you should have in life. Never think that lack of variability is stability.

I will go on my knees and ask the Liberian people to participate in bringing peace and stability to our country.

In everything I do my children come first and my husband. I just think it's so important to maintain family stability.

The stability of the State depends upon the readiness of every citizen to subordinate his rights to those of the rest.

A lot of my work is about questioning the stability and permanence of architecture and in turn the stability of society.

At the end of the day we want to bring stability and hope to Iraq. That's the only way to defeat terrorism.

I think achieving a higher fiscal stability is also a very important condition for restoring an environment which is conducive to growth.

The Venezuelan people will never abandon the ideals President Chavez gave us. Modestly we contribute to ensure the stability of the region.

Middle-aged women have greater stability they are more loyal and their capacity for steady work is greater than that of younger women.

The need for peace in Northern Ireland goes well beyond political stability. It now speaks to regional Europe and even global stability.

I have to be very careful about how often I drag my family to places. They need some stability in their lives.

Political stability was at most a factor in assessing developing countries or Russia. It is now also an issue in Western democracies.

Work is the only only only remedy for life: for happiness for interest for stability for security. Hard willed work. Oh work!

We continue to stand united with Germany and our NATO allies in our ongoing efforts to build peace and stability in Afghanistan.

There can be no security anywhere in the free world if there is no fiscal and economic stability within the United States.

There is stability in walking an uncertain path because you never allow yourself to be misled by what you think you know.

I put my money in property and I love merchandise; such as Muhammad Ali boxing gloves. It's about stability for the future.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is committed to policies that promote maximum employment and price stability consistent with our mandate from Congress.

The participation of our country in the eurozone is a guarantee for the country's monetary stability. It is a driver of financial prosperity.

Architecture never derived its force from stability of culture but rather from the expression of those moments when that sense of stability slipped.

The world acquires value only through its extremes and endures only through moderation; extremists make the world great the moderates give it stability.

Rigorous financial discipline that together with monetary stability ends once and for all the boom and bust that for 30 years has undermined stability

If you're going to grow the economy if people are going to have more income you have to have stability in the marketplace.

As far as the Middle East and North Africa is concerned we need to reconsider the question of reliability and stability of hydrocarbons.

You can't have a world where 50 percent of the people are dieting and 50 percent of the people are starving if you want stability.

The basis of peace and stability in any society has to be the fullest respect for the human rights of all its people.

I am sure that the Ukrainian nation deserves a better life. That is why I have voted for good changes and for stability.

I am a Nobel Peace laureate and my business should be to try to bring stability not to be a red rag to bulls.

We live in an era when rapid change breeds fear and fear too often congeals us into a rigidity which we mistake for stability.

Health begins with firmness in the body deepens to emotional stability then leads to intellectual clarity wisdom and finally the unveiling of the soul.

The trick in nuclear strategy is to maintain stability by balancing potentials and thus to discourage events from converting the hypothetical to the actual.

Aggressive and irresponsible steps endanger the peace and stability of the world and the international community feels the need to protect itself from Iran.

We agreed that our economic and financial teams will remain in close contact as we stay focused on ensuring economic growth and financial stability.

Cooperation and collaboration among nations and countries can help in the process of development of promoting welfare as well as bringing peace and stability.

We need peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. It is important to have political and security stability to build up our economic growth.

Romantics value intensity over stability. Realists value security over passion. But both are often disappointed for few people can live happily at either extreme.

Unilateral disarmament by Britain is opposed to our country's best interests could begin the unravelling of NATO and therefore jeopardise the stability of Europe.

The first big choice: a government with the strength to deliver stability or a government that takes the country back to boom and bust.

What God lacks is convictions- stability of character. He ought to be a Presbyterian or a Catholic or something- not try to be everything.

(Milosevic's passing) should not keep us from our efforts to provide peace and stability in the Balkans; on the contrary it should renew them.

I am in favor of the European institutions being led for the next two-and-a-half years as they have been thus far. We need stability.

Industry suffers from the managerial dogma that for the sake of stability and continuity the company should be independent of the competence of individual employees.

We Russia are prepared to work with others. I am convinced that stability and security in Europe cannot be considered without taking Russia into account

Values hold the team together provide stability for the team to grow upon measure the team's performance give direction and guidance and attract like-minded people.

Therefore today we have an absolutely sufficient level of gold and foreign currency reserves in order to ensure economic stability and sustainable foreign trade turnover.

followers have a very clear picture of what they want and need from the most influential leaders in their lives: trust compassion stability and hope

The village had institutionalized all human functions in forms of low intensity.... Participation was high and organization was low. This is the formula for stability.

Could it be that violence is as much a part of the American identity as the Constitution and a vital component to its economic stability?

I just hope that the democratic will of the Zimbabwean people prevails. If it does we must move quickly to help restore stability and prosperity.

And we need to maintain our foothold in the fight against terrorism and terrorist groups and respond to any degradation of Iraqi security or stability.

If in a country most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few then this country can hardly witness harmony and stability.

We line our lives with beautiful things to create a cushion of stability: the illusion of a cohesive past the promise of an unclouded future.

For years the West supported Mubarak and gave aid for what it hoped was stability - but was actually stagnation - in the Middle East.

Young Chinese who have grown up in an age of prosperity and stability are typically the most passionate defenders of the Chinese political and economic way.

The stability of the internal medium is a primary condition for the freedom and independence of certain living bodies in relation to the environment surrounding them.

While PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid the captivating 2014 color of the year encouraged creativity and innovation Marsala enriches our mind body and soul exuding confidence and stability

It is a responsibility we perceive from the entire international community to protect the stability of the single currency as well as the European frame work.

LEAD n. A heavy blue-gray metal much used in giving stability to light lovers - particularly to those who love not wisely but other men's wives.

Japan's experience suggests the importance of assessing the sustainability of price stability over a fairly long period which many central banks have emphasized in recent years.

BJP is not going to the people only to form a government. We have come to the people to give stability and a development oriented government.

For 60 years my country the United States pursued stability at the expense of democracy in this region here in the Middle East and we achieved neither.

The bottom line is that after we defeat the armed forces of Iraq that we will want to and need to provide stability throughout that country.

Success makes men rigid and they tend to exalt stability over all the other virtues; tired of the effort of willing they become fanatics about conservatism.

I think when you have strong leadership at the coaching level and you empower the coach and the coaching staff you have a lot more stability.

There's a stability and growth pact which was agreed for the eleven countries which tries to limit the size of budget deficits among the eleven countries.

I am aware of the thesis that the United States has long since invested exclusively in stability and this has obviated democratic transformation in the Middle East.

For future geopolitical stability and global prosperity we need to build a culture of greater trust and understanding between China America and the rest of the world.

Insurgents throughout Iraq continue to threaten our efforts and pose a danger to stability in the region. They fight not for their country but rather against ours.

Freedom and democracy are nothing but instruments just like stability. The goal is called progress and growth. Anyone who puts freedom ahead of stability is hurting growth.

In a world where celebrity equals talent and where make-believe is called reality it is most important to have real love truth and stability in your life.

If you're considering word of mouth stability and lifetime value it's almost always true that the easier it is to get someone's attention the less it's worth.

My criteria for doing a television series never changed. I wanted more stability I wanted more of a sense of family I wanted to do light comedy.

So long as an opinion is strongly rooted in the feelings it gains rather than loses in stability by having a preponderating weight of argument against it.

And it is no less true that personal security and private property rest entirely upon the wisdom the stability and the integrity of the courts of justice.

The stability and peace which seemed to be so firmly established by the brilliant monarchy of Francis I vanished with the terrible outbreak of the Wars of Religion.

We as central bankers need not be concerned if a collapsing financial asset bubble does not threaten to impair the real economy its production jobs and price stability.

What the United States wanted in Guatemala - and in Iran where the C.I.A. also deposed a government in the early 1950s - was pro-American stability.

Our membership of the euro is a guarantee of monetary stability and creates the right conditions for sustainable growth. Our membership of the euro is the only choice.

Empathy is at the core of family stability and love. I've never had a couple come to me and say I want a divorce; my partner understands me.

No government any more than an individual will long be respected without being truly respectable; nor be truly respectable without possessing a certain portion of order and stability.

Conservatives are I think correct to highlight family stability as a fundamental issue that goes to the welfare of children as much as food stamps or anything else.

Allowing the U.N. into Iraq will demonstrate to the Iraqis that the international community as a whole is committed to bringing stability and safety to their country.

I never wanted to be a star and I don't really want to be famous. I just love the stability of my life. I'm a complete family guy.

Balance as a verb doesn't mean "stillness " but the constant act of making minor corrections from one side to another to bring one towards a center of stability.

That is the wearisome part of business - there is no peace no sense of certain permanent achievement no stability. The unexpected and usually the awful is forever happening.

Every nation whose affairs betray a want of wisdom and stability may calculate on every loss which can be sustained from the more systematic policy of its wiser neighbors.

It is clear that the American people are weary of war. However Assad gassing his own people is an issue of our national security regional stability and global security.

One year after the United States led the invasion of Iraq the country remains extremely dangerous not only to our troops but also to the stability of the world.

Our most dangerous tendency is to expect too much of government and at the same time do for it too little. . . . We must strive for normalcy to reach stability.

We cannot cut and run. If we are to ensure freedom and democracy it is essential that we follow through on our obligation to bring about stability in Iraq.

A world without the United Nations or with a paralyzed United Nations would be far more costly to all of us and far more dangerous to peace and stability.

Having a comic in the White House will assure stability in foreign relations. The world will continue to respond to foreign initiatives by saying 'You must be joking.'

I'm not crazy when I replace everything that people consider as a stability safety and wealth with the right to think of the moment I had spent with you.

I realised one day that men are emotional cripples. We can't express ourselves emotionally we can only do it with anger and humour. Emotional stability and expression comes from women.

We are Republicans. But we are Americans first. It is as Americans that we express our concern with the growing confusion that threatens the security and stability of our country.

We need a force that recognizes that only through development and liberty through education and health care through better priorities and wiser investments can we achieve the stability we seek.

I realised one day that men are emotional cripples. We cant express ourselves emotionally we can only do it with anger and humour. Emotional stability and expression comes from women.

Marriage is one of the most important institutions we have it binds society and families together it is a building block that promotes stability. This bill supports and cultivates marriage.

Insofar as international law is observed it provides us with stability and order and with a means of predicting the behavior of those with whom we have reciprocal legal obligations.

Can you have it all as a woman? Can you be a creative artist and have stability and a home life? How much can you stretch yourself as an artist?

If a society is to preserve stability and a degree of continuity it must learn how to keep its adolescents from imposing their tastes values and fantasies on everyday life.

Probably nothing that we have ever managed to do quite equals the basic undermining of the physical stability of the planet on which most of the world's poor people depend.

As you study your Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit and live out the truths that God reveals to you you will discover new stability strength and confidence.

We are ready to cooperate in any way to achieve stability in Syria of course taking into consideration the interest of the country and the will of the Syrian people.

For decades free nations tolerated oppression in the Middle East for the sake of stability. In practice this approach brought little stability and much oppression so I have changed this policy.

I don't know exactly why the notion of homeownership has such a grasp on the American imagination. Perhaps as descendants of landless immigrants we turn our plots into symbols of stability.

Not only are squats not bad for the knees every legitimate research study on this subject has shown that squats improve knee stability and therefore help reduce the risk of injuries.

A rapid rendering of a landscape represents only one moment of its existence. I prefer by insisting upon its essential character to risk losing charm in order to gain greater stability.

We are born in this world to lose as well as to gain to have happiness as well as misery. Enrich your mind by understanding this and improve gaining stability thereby.

Followers need to see how things will get better and what that future might look like. Leaders need to build that foundation of stability and hope sits on top of that.

I wanted some family structure and stability and thats what The Partridge Family afforded me not only financially but in the fact that I could be at home with my kids.

We have to make sure that we are a force for peace and stability in the world and that we're prepared to defend freedom and the security of the American people.

First of all when you're a mommy like you like the consistency of being on a show like that's just peace of mind I know I have financial you know stability.

I wanted some family structure and stability and that's what The Partridge Family afforded me not only financially but in the fact that I could be at home with my kids.

I believe that democracies do not go to war; that's the lesson of history and I think that a democratic Pakistan is the world community's best guarantee of stability in Asia.

So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty.

Three strikes you're out. I don't care if you hire Edward Bennett Williams to defend you; three strikes you're still out. Baseball is an island of stability in an unstable world.

A nuclear-weapons armed Iran is not in anyone's human-rights interests. That is a direct threat to the lives and the livelihoods and the stability not only of the region but beyond.

Managing your money does not depend upon becoming wealthy or declaring vows of poverty. Rather it is about creating stability and sufficiency - a balanced flow of monetary energy through your life.

The pleasures of love are really quite wonderful--though I suspect they are rather a luxury and require a certain level of socioeconomic stability to be anything other than a mode of suffering.

I think that for me personally a lot of my choices have been to do with my own issues of not feeling safe as a child and feeling a sense of stability.

Climate change has the potential to affect everything we care about - whether it is the health of our families the stability of our communities or the fate of the wild animals.

I reached that day that I always thought might happen where I say to myself I don't want to do this anymore. I'm looking for some stability. I want to stay home.

[In mathematics] There are two kinds of mistakes. There are fatal mistakes that destroy a theory but there are also contingent ones which are useful in testing the stability of a theory.

Broaden the tax base close loopholes and flatten the tax rates - all of which would bring more revenue stability and certitude to projections as well as make filing a comparable breeze.

This car of mine I am tickled to death with it. The machine is nearly everything its power stability and balance. The driver allowing for his experience and courage is much less.

You could argue that war is always an irrational act and yet many states enter into military conflict out of rational calculation or national interest or the stability or longevity of their regime.

We normally consider stability to be the constant in life and accidents to be the exception but it's exactly the opposite. In reality the accident is the rule and stability is the exception.

Location work has its charms and can seem glamorous on the outside but I think living at home and having the stability of a home life once you've finished work is very underrated!

We have a very long way to go to really penetrate the power structure. Until that happens you will not see stability among the workforce among women - in the workforce among women.

The historian assesses that the investment of the wealthy classes in the Bank of England wedded them to the fate of the nation as a whole and to the maintenance of its stability.

Shows can come and go. They can be a hit and then in three years gone. There's some comfort in having the stability of a job and having children. It's a double-edged sword.

There will be no future without forgiveness. Any process of peace is bound to collapse if this is missing. There is no way peace and stability can come through the gun of vengeance.

These soliloquies explain our people's lack of stability You keepin it real but ain't got a clue what reality really be See the diameter of your knowledge Is the circumference of your activity

If the Federal Reserve pursues a strong dollar at home while the dollar becomes more competitive in global markets we can achieve both price stability and a more balanced path of economic growth.

The U.S. came to understand that Bhutto was not a threat to stability but was instead the only possible way that we could guarantee stability and keep the presidency of Musharraf intact.

What you have in Iraq is not just a society coming apart like Yugoslavia or Congo. What is at stake is not just Iraq's stability but the balance of power in the region.

I'm very unstable; there's no stability in a musician's life at all. You live on a bus or on the road hand to mouth and you don't know where your money's coming from.

Job found contentment and even joy outside the context of comfort health or stability. He understood the story was not about him and he cared more about the story then he did about himself.

A lot of leading countries in the world including the United States and Russia have to take their responsibilities much more seriously to ensure we are back on the road to peace and stability.

More and more people will now start realizing that we are actually equal to one another and that nobody will re-establish the balance or stability within this unless each and every one stands up.

We went into Iraq because Iraq posed a threat to the stability of the region and was engaged in the process of trying to develop weapons of mass destruction and had links to terrorists.

The Central Bank should take into account other things as well: the stability of the bank system in the country the increase or decrease of money supply in the economy its influence on inflation.

There is no greater pillar of stability than a strong free and educated woman and there is no more inspiring role model than a man who respects and cherishes women and champions their leadership.

It is only when people can feel that their lives and the property which their industry has produced today will continue to be safe...that there can be...stability of value and...economic progress...

Driving at high speed where safe and legal is part of my life. As well as a higher top speed I wanted even better stability in my FX and that meant work on the aerodynamics.

The United States should do whatever it is able to do to assist in the return of normal economic health in the world without which there can be no political stability and no assured peace.

My parents gave me stability and a belief in myself and in all the possibilities life has to offer. I was told the only limitations I would ever face were those I placed upon myself.

I renew my call for the occupier (the United States) to leave our land. The departure of the occupier will mean stability for Iraq victory for Islam and peace and defeat for terrorism and infidels.