St Paul Quotes

He thinks that Schiller and St Paul were just two Partisan Review editors.

St. Paul's Chapel stands - without so much as a broken window. Little miracle.

The Epistle to the Romans is an extremely important synthesis of the whole theology of St. Paul.

When I married Paul we lived in St John's Wood in London. We had nice next-door neighbours but you don't know anyone else. Everyone lives in isolation.

My favourite restaurant is the Thai Corner Cafe on St Paul's Road. We go there all the time. I shouldn't really mention it - I don't want it to be chock-a-block.

The church of St. Peter at Berlin notwithstanding the total difference between them in the style of building appears in some respects to have a great resemblance to St. Paul's in London.

St. Paul would say to the philosophers that God created man so that he would seek the Divine try to attain the Divine. That is why all pre-Christian philosophy is theological at its summit.

I think the preponderant opinion clearly was that St. Louis could be a great football city if it had a team of its own that they could really root for.

St. Paul's Loomed like a bubble o'er the town.

My law-givers are Erasmus and Montaigne not Moses and St Paul.

Hebrews . This book is much superior to most of the writings attributed to St. Paul though passages in the other books are very admirable.

The Capitol is the best work I have ever done or shall ever do and I am glad to have Given it to St. Paul.

I have long been convinced that the Christian Eucharist is but a continuation of the Eleusinian mysteries. St Paul in using the word teleiois almost confirms this.

At last some curious traveller from Lima will visit England and give a description of the ruins of St. Paul's like the editions of Baalbec and Palmyra.

The idea that when the health of one member suffers the health of the whole body is lowered is a teaching of St Paul which is timeless.

The fact that the biblical book Hebrews is not an epistle of St Paul or of any other apostle is proved by what it says in chapter two...

Do you seriously envision St. Paul or Calvin or Luther opening bottles of Welch's Grape Juice in the sacristy before the service? Luther at least would turn over in his grave.

[On Malcolm Muggeridge:] He thinks he was knocked off his horse by God like St. Paul on the road to Damascus. His critics think he simply fell off it from old age.

Even like as St. Paul was converted just so are all others converted; for we all resist God but the Holy Ghost draws the will of mankind when he pleases through preaching.

Avoid the profane novelty of words St. Paul says (I Timothy 6:20) ... For if novelty is to be avoided antiquity is to be held tight to; and if novelty is profane antiquity is sacred.

That she does not crouch today where St Paul tried to bind her she owes to the men who are grand and brave enough to ignore St Paul and rise superior to his God.