Spring Time Quotes

Long stormy spring-time wet contentious April winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length the season of summer does come.

Oh! faint delicious spring-time violet Thine odor like a key Turns noiselessly in memory's wards to let A thought of sorrow free.

In our spring-time every day has its hidden growths in the mind as it has in the earth when the little folded blades are getting ready to pierce the ground.

Youth is the spring-time of life. It is the time to acquire information so that we may show it off in after years and paralyze people with what we know.

O the wind is a faun in the spring time When the ways are green for the tread of the May! List! hark his lay! Whist! mark his play! T-r-r-r-l! Hear how gay!

Early spring is the time for vigorous change a preparation for the heat-driven oppression that is to come.

Most volleyball players are made in the winter spring and summer for come fall everyone practices equal time.

The clocks are all turned forward from Funny Time to Right Time. I always remember "Spring back or Fall in.

There ain't no time to be wasted the world is going under... Nowadays can't tell Fall from Spring and Winter from Summer.

It's easy to understand why the most beautiful poems about England in the spring were written by poets living in Italy at the time.

Search no matter what situation you are in. O thirsty one search for water constantly. Finally the time will come when you will reach the spring.

When the time is ripe for certain things these things appear in different places in the manner of violets coming to light in the early spring.

There is no time like Spring When life's alive in everything Before new nestlings sing Before cleft swallows speed their journey back Along the trackless track.

When you think about great teams The Beatles and the Pythons immediately spring to mind. The Pythons were as much a part of their time as The Beatles.

The air's warm with hopeful hints of spring in it. Spring would be a good time for an uprising I think. Everyone feels less vulnerable once winter passes.