Spots Quotes

A leopard does not change his spots or change his feeling that spots are rather a credit.

And you find as a writer there are certain spots on the planet where you write better than others and I believe in that. And New Orleans is one of them.

The kind of people I look for to fill top management spots are the eager beavers the mavericks. These are the guys who try to do more than they're expected to do - they always reach.

A zebra does not change its spots.

The leopard does not change his spots.

Old age is when the liver spots show through your gloves.

I think everyone is ticklish. You just gotta find the right spots.

I actually started this year doing some voiceovers. I did some radio spots and some games.

What like I want to look like Dick Clark? No. I think I look great with liver spots.

There are high spots in all of our lives and most of them have come about through encouragement from someone else.

Friendship is almost always the union of a part of one mind with the part of another; people are friends in spots.

I'm here today because God has brought me here. Jesus has brought me here...I'm with an amazing team. I believe He perfectly placed me in the right spot at the right time.

The blues is something separate from what I do. They connect at certain spots but blues is different. I wouldn't put it in with what my career has been. That would be a whole separate wing.

The purpose of dancing isn't to end up at a particular spot on the floor. The purpose of dancing and of life is to enjoy every moment and every step regardless of where you are when the music ends.

I say there are spots that don't come off.... Spots that never come off d'you know what I mean?

If you want the extra-ordinary you've got to be willing to forsake the ordinary' - Annie Grimes in Mr Alhourani's Dead Man's Spots

Where I came from in the country there was no place to hear pop music like Little Richard and people like that. Later I heard James Brown Otis Redding The Drifters The Four Aces The Ink Spots.

Humor is a social lubricant that helps us get over some of the bad spots.

Do not look at stars as bright spots only. Try to take in the vastness of the universe.

One of the dreariest spots on life's road is the point of conviction that nothing will ever again happen to you.

My keen love of travel was seldom hindered by Father. He permitted me even as a mere boy to visit many cities and pilgrimage spots.

My favourite British spots are any of the beautiful parks especially on a sunny day such as this after a long stretch of cold cloudy and rainy days.

But unlike European countries America has never finished a map of the United States only the eastern United States is covered and a few spots here and there.

I've become totally hooked on Cellex-C. It's an anti-ageing serum and is fantastic. I use it morning and evening and even on my hands where it has faded those dark spots.

Basically right before college I got into the Guinness book for my feet and started to do local commercials and little radio spots just little things and found I really liked it.

A zebra can not change it's spots.

The dice cannot read their own spots.

Sun Valley is one of my favorite spots.

Clean your finger before you point at my spots.

Women are like parking spots the best ones are handicapped.

I was born modest; not all over but in spots.

Like all power spots it needs to be treated with respect.

Men are like parking spots: sometimes I drive my car into them

And here were forests ancient as the hills Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.

Creative minds are uneven and the best of fabrics have their dull spots.

I'm a great mummy. I've mapped out all the fun spots in every city.

A dog pours a pitcher of love into the lonesome spots of your life.

To live exuberantly we must be prepared to illuminate the dark spots in ourselves.

When you're filming something you have marks and spots you have to be in.

I tan the easy way. I just wait for my liver spots to connect.

No longer dependent on 30 second spots today's marketers need a never-ending stream of content.

The best hiding spots are not the most hidden; they're merely the least searched.

Humor makes our heavy burdens light and smoothes the rough spots in our pathways.

Nothing does more to lubricate the rough spots than a good dose of encouragement.

Give me spots on my apples but leave me the birds and the bees please.

Do not complain beneath the stars about the lack of bright spots in your life.

We all have strengths weaknesses and blind spots. In fact an average person has 3.4 blind spots.

With spots of sunny openings and with nooks To lie and read in sloping into brooks.

You could be as vulgar as you want as long as three tiny spots were covered.

No idea stays pure. Even the flowering of art isn't pure. And the sun has spots.

I just go out there and do what I do and try and hit my spots.

I've been to Uganda and to North Korea and to Eritrea countless horror spots around the world.

History like a badly constructed concert hall has occasional dead spots where the music can't be heard.

Every age has its massive moral blind spots. We might not see them but our children will.

If there are no spots on a sugar cube then I've just put a dice in my tea.

In the future judges will send criminals to holy spots where reverence-provoking beauty will overwhelm their addiction to hatred.

When the path ahead of you is uphill surrounded by rough spots hazards and obstacles: use a pitching wedge.

I like characters who have blind spots and are full of themselves but there also needs to be vulnerability.

It's a different feeling; I like touring and playing on the road better but recording has its good spots.

There are people who exist in this world not like entities but like the speckles or spots on something.

May you and your triple cursed wash water turn purple with orange spots and fall down a bottomless pit!

The whole key is to be honest with yourself find the weak spots work on it get it done.

It is impossible for authors to discover beauties in one another's works; they have eyes only for spots and blemishes.

There are just as many stories to be told in the dark spots s there are in the bright ones.

A good man does not spy around for the black spots in others but presses unswervingly on towards his mark.

The world around me is dissolving leaving here and there spots of time. The world is a cancer eating itself away.

Don't let anyone see your vulnerable spots. Once they knew how to hurt you they would do it again and again.

But words is like th spots on dice: no matter how y fumbles em there's times when they jes wont come.

I don't really seek out vegetarian spots... but mainly I know how to work a menu no matter where I am.

She resembles the Venus de Milo: she is very old has no teeth and has white spots on her yellow skin.

Rapidity is the essence of war: take advantage of the enemy's unreadiness make your way by unexpected routes and attack unguarded spots.

June is the time for being in the world in new ways for throwing off the cold and dark spots of life.

I'll be over there shawty I'll be over there. I'll be hitting all the spots that you aint even know was there.

In England I met a couple who run a children's home. They were very kind and showed me many nice spots in England.

You're just trying to throw the best pitch you can and make sure you hit your spots. I don't have to force nobody.

My dad was just the king of finding these little spots for us to stay that we should never have been staying at.

There are reasons we congregate in these hot spots- to worship beauty and to feel its effects light up the electrolytes in the bloodstream.

Helen Hunt is terrific and I got to do a couple of guest spots with Helen and Paul Reiser on 'Mad About You.'

I went to Broadway and I've been doing some fun guest spots with 'Entourage' and 'Glee' and I'm ready to have my own show.

I read that when cats are cuddling and kneading you and you think it's cute they're really just checking your vitals for weak spots.

Rouse him and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself so as to find out his vulnerable spots.

I clean my house although I have help. I'm on the floor getting spots. I can't stand a dirty house. I'm a cleaning fanatic.

It's important for a leader to hear about his blind spots on a regular basis so working on them is periodically top of mind.

I think sometimes you have to pick your spots about when a game gets intense or when the game's outcome is pivoting in that moment.

Cold calculation random spots of color mathematically exact construction (clearly shown or concealed) drawing that is now silent and now strident . . . . Is this not form?

I have a Gumbie Cat in mind her name is Jennyanydots;Her coat is one of the tabby kind with tiger stripes and lepard spots.

I remember when I was an up-and-coming comic how annoyed I would be when the famous guys would show up and just take everyone's spots.

Here in L.A. there are a lot of dead spots and you have to drive to find energy but all of India is so energetic

One must flee those places where life throbs and seek out lonely spots untouched by human hand in order to lift the magic veil of nature

There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings as now in October.

I grew up on the beaches and I always found it kind of funny that it's considered decent if you cover three tiny spots with pieces of fabric.

With regard to precipitous heights if you are beforehand with your adversary you should occupy the raised and sunny spots and there wait for him to come up.

Coconut oil has always been my favorite. Any dry spots I have I'll put coconut oil on them because it's a natural ingredient and it works better than anything.

Clothing left on the bed unfolded. Books stained with coffee spots. Tabs not paid until the last possible second. Boys kissed and then forgotten in a weekâ??s time.

I never really lived outside of the city growing up but I'm always looking in between the lines of the city and I magnetize over to the green spots.

Life is like a roller coaster. It's never going to be perfect - it is going to have perfect moments and then rough spots but it's all worth it.

When the light turns green you go. When the light turns red you stop. But what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots?

I have amazing kids an amazing husband a fabulous career wonderful parents. If I had to go through some rough spots to get to this amazing place so be it.

The nearer you take anything to the light the darker its spots will appear; and the nearer you live to God the more you will see your own utter vileness.

Certainly there are spots which inevitably attach to themselves an atmosphere of holiness and goodness; it might not then be too fanciful to say that some houses are born bad.

Ascension is the triumph of mastered emotions; a process of gaining clarity in the darkness of blind spots and struggles allowing you to perceive with the karmic intelligence of the Soul.

When I was playing my wife and kids would go on the road with me and we would go to different lunch spots that we saw on "Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.

and yet you never knew wwhat you were capable of until you arrived at that given moment. Life was just a whole string of spots where you continued to surprise yourself.

Scientists are human. We have our blind spots and prejudices. Science is a mechanism designed to ferret them out. Problem is we aren't always faithful to the core values of science.

I miss the hot spots. I miss the hospital calls. I miss the nursing homes. I miss the really intimate human contact with other people which I did nothing to earn.

I love adventure. When I'm not working or on the road you can find me in my favorite spots around the Mission neighborhood of S.F. kitesurfing in the Bay or dancing.

To get the stuff out of you especially if what you're dealing with is yourself requires you to open up and touch tender spots. You have to be anesthetized a little bit.

NC-17 means that you get it in like 3 theaters. They won't run the spots on MTV won't run the advertising. It's the kiss of death so there was really no other choice.

Randy Wittman told me not to shoot 3-pointers. That got me very uncomfortable. There were certain labels tagged on me very early in my career spots on the floor where I felt uncomfortable.

Having covered some half a hundred cities towns villages and wide spots in the road during the last tow years George and I fairly wallowed in the comfort of our own home base.

In this world the spots where the present seems to overlap the past are the most important. These are the points when one becomes aware that the direction of the world can change.

The last thing we can afford right now is to make excuses. We're inexperienced at some spots that's the way it is. We have injuries so does everyone that's the way it is.

I kept doing my own thing working out with weights wrestling and doing other spots until I graduated from high school. Then I made a conscious decision to pursue MMA seriously and full time.

At least for me writing a book is continual exposure to blind spots. There were things I wanted to be true and wanted to believe but it always got more complicated in the fiction.

With regard to ground of this nature be before the enemy in occupying the raised and sunny spots and carefully guard your line of supplies. Then you will be able to fight with advantage.

Some of the freckles I once loved are now closer to liver spots. But it's still the eyes we look at isn't it? That's where we found the other person and find them still.

May I take your vein for a moment? I find myself... curiously depleted" Okay right. Talk about your Johnny-on-the-spots: He locked them in and all but tore off his arm and threw it at her.

If you check your personal blind spots you can be able to guard against focusing on what you cannot do but reduce the areas of weakness by taking their space with more of your strengths.

It's no surprise to me that intellectuals commit suicide go mad or die from drink. We feel things more than other people. We know the world is rotten and that chins are ruined by spots.

The cards are bigger than you. You're not bigger than the cards. The cards are the best player at the table. So let them come to you and don't force the issue. Pick your spots.