Sports Teams Quotes

There are two things that come very easily to me: rooting for New York sports teams and making mistakes.

Sports teams people who follow sports teams religion churches work - any company I find that people just generally have a need to belong to something larger than themselves.

Some sports teams hate each other in the locker room and that's what makes them great.

Broadway shows in New York draw two times the attendance of all New York sports teams put together.

I've liked the Yankees since I was a kid. I grew up in Canada so I kind of identified with New York sports teams.

I've been on enough sports teams in my life to have experienced the magic of what can happen when a group of people care for and love each other.

In 10 years I'm gonna be all over. I'll still be doing mad music I'll be doing a couple movies maybe some TV. Hopefully coaching some of my son's sports teams and be in heavy daddy mode.

In sports teams win and individuals don't.