Sports Team Quotes

The power of a sports team in a community it's almost indescribable.

A smart entrepreneur knows they cannot run a business on their own. They know that business is a team sport.

I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am I'm happy to start the conversation

If you begin to think business whether you own it or work for it like you would a well managed sports team you will learn a lot of very interesting lessons

I've never been a fan of individual awards because football is such a team sport. There's so many things that goes into making plays. It's about teammates trusting one another and working together.

Every guy should have a fantasy sports team.

Living dying and thinking... they're all team sports.

People here don't identify themselves by their sports team.

I was a huge athlete as a kid. I was on every sports team.

I played a ton of team sports growing up and team wins are just incredibly gratifying.

I think team sports probably teach you more about giving - about being unselfish and being flexible.

The tragedy in sports is seeing a team beaten not by a better team but by themselves.

I was a team sports guy but I don't do that anymore. When I work out it's alone.

The difference between the more traditional sports clubs and Congress is that Congress doesn't really compete against another team.

In the 1970s professional sports found a different breed of team owner in George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees.

There is no cheap way to achieve the ability to turn pro in tennis; it unfortunately is more expensive than team sports.

I took some important things with me from sports. Rock and roll is a team sport. You're only as good as your weakest link.

Unlike other sports which are largely determined by individual athletic ability or team strength NASCAR requires its competitors to cooperate in order to win.

When I used to play sports I'd be the one cheering the team on 'Come on we can beat these guys!' That's just in me.

I am very slow to warm. I've always been sort of a loner. I didn't play team sports. I am better one-on-one than in big groups.

You can go bang a ball against a wall all you want but how do you become a better team player? By playing other team sports.

I'd like to coach the Liberty. That's my dream. But maybe I'd coach a college team. Either way I'd like to stay involved in sports and to coach.

When your government employer landlord merchant banker and local sports team gang up to picture digitize and permanently record your every activity you are placed under unprecedented control.

The great thing coming from sports is you understand the concept of a team. It leaves no room for being selfish and that's something I picked up from home.