Sports Politics Quotes

Sports and politics don't mix.

You cannot mix sports with politics.

Political columnists and sports pundits are rewarded for being overconfident.

I'm in the perfect position. It's a sports position and a political position where I can help better the lives of athletes around the world.

I learned early on stay away from politics stay away from religion and don't talk about sports. Those three right there will get you in trouble.

When we were doing 'Sports Night' and 'West Wing' at the same time I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world because my two interests were politics and sports.

Politics should not interfere with sports. And sports should impact politics.

I'm so unhappy with electoral politics that I switched to sports radio.

I watch sports and cable news. I'm a political junkie so that's my interest.

Sports politics and religion are the three passions of the badly educated.

Sports and politics are basically all I really care about or talk about.

I don't watch the news I don't care about politics I don't care about other sports.

I don't think you're going to be a success in anything if you think about losing whether it's in sports or in politics.

I wasn't any good at sports but I could name all the presidents by the time I was six. I've always been very interested in politics and in religion.