Sport Passion Quotes

Sport is my passion but I have a way to go.

Maybe if Graziano make another work or another sport I wouldn't have had this passion to be a rider.

I have a passion for playing tennis and enjoy the workload and struggles of performing in this amazing global sport.

I was very sporty at school and sport was probably the thing I was best at but my real passion was for fashion.

Kids can have great passion and great ability but if you have the facilities for your particular sport that can give you the inspiration to become a sportsman.

As an athlete you choose your sport and are drawn into it but your passion should never be driven by fame and fortune but a desire to create something special that people will always remember.

There's no unemployment insurance if you don't have a job in wrestling. You really have to be committed to have a love and a passion for the sport a belief in yourself that you can do it.

I'd rather be a face for happiness and doing things that you have a passion for rather than faking it and pretending like I'm this face of women's basketball when I can't stand the sport at all.

I run because it's my passion and not just a sport.

I am very determined and the sport is my passion. I believe I am born for running.

Flying is more than a sport and more than a job; flying is pure passion and desire which fill a lifetime.

The tragic incident of Luis Salom reminds us that our sport our passion is dangerous. We know it but in a way we don't think about it.