Sponsored Quotes

The poetic notion of infinity is far greater than that which is sponsored by any creed.

I prefer to see a good exhibit sponsored by a brand than a bad exhibit due to lack of funds.

Enrolling your child in a recreational sport sponsored by your neighborhood recreation community centers is a great way to keep kids active.

I'm sponsored by Audi so I have this rather lovely rather arrangement where they just insist that I'm always in the latest model.

Most governments in the United States in a hundred years have not respected the peoples of Latin America. They have sponsored coup d'etats assassinations.

Because we're sponsored by competing breweries there is always competition. When we were both fighting for ninth or 10th place nobody really cared except the two companies.

Iran has long sponsored terrorists who carry out homicide bombings in Israeli cities. However it is a mistake to believe the danger Iran poses is directed at Israel alone.

When I met Apple I made it very clear that I am an old punk and I have never done commercials or been sponsored. And I wasn't after their money.

When I was young there was only one TV channel sponsored by the government and it only broadcast things like what the leader had for breakfast. There was no real media.

You get to know them they get to know you and see if they like you. Then they'll vote on you to become a prospect. You have to be sponsored by a Hells Angel.

Would I want to be sponsored by me?

Women have never been a chief negotiator in any UN-sponsored talks.

The question we should be asking. Would I want to be sponsored by me?

Nationalism as we know it is the result of a form of state-sponsored branding.

Not surprisingly in most Sunni regions there has little appetite for free U.S.-sponsored elections.

Fear of sexuality is the new disease-sponsored register of the universe of fear in which everyone now lives.

State-sponsored gambling produces no product no new wealth and so it makes no genuine contribution to economic development

Last year I co-sponsored the Highlands Conservation Act and in a bipartisan effort we passed the bill through Congress.

Americans should be free to recognize our religious heritage; doing that is not the same as creating a government-sponsored religion.

As long as I had easy access to psychedelics at the government-sponsored research project most of my energy went into psychedelic sessions.

Once I was doing a sponsored walk. In the end I managed to raise so much money I could afford a taxi.

It's just really tragic after all the horrors of the last 1 000 years we can't leave behind something as primitive as government-sponsored execution.

You go back and look at things like Civil War World War II Vietnam a lot of people dying in state-sponsored arm conflict

I want to level the playing field for people who want to purchase health insurance as individuals and that means eliminating the exemption for employer-sponsored health care.

My first official music video for "Who Am I." It's getting crazy traffic and a lot of hype. I got sponsored by a company called MATIX because of it.

If I play Coachella it's sponsored by a company - that's corporate too. But we're playing it because we're getting paid and we want to be a part of the festival.

I was inspired by World Vision. It's almost like I sponsored (Donald) Faison and gave him an opportunity to do something with his life. What more would he want than to work with me?

Race makes things funny. A black guy driving in NASCAR: not funny. A black guy driving a car sponsored by Tide: not funny. A black guy driving a car sponsored by Aunt Jemima: hilarious.