Sponsor Quotes

Dancing is the last sport with no sponsor.

I think as Christians we have to sponsor a national Lighten-Up Day.

I have said many times that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism.

I don't believe an Alliance government should sponsor legislation on abortion or a referendum on abortion.

It is an honor and a privilege that I am to be the sponsor of the USS Michael Murphy.

No state should be allowed to profess partnership with the global coalition against terror while continuing to aid abet and sponsor terrorism.

The Democratic Party of California is ready to sponsor me. All I have to do is find the right office to run for.

Covergirl is my sponsor and they have been so helpful in supplying me with their wonderful products. I love their blush mascara and lip gloss.

If you go out there and your main purpose is to get a sponsor then it's not gonna work. Just go out there and have fun. That's how I got sponsored.

I could really use a corporate sponsor. People think that because you're in the movies you're rich. I have allocated all my resources to Shambala so the animals will always be safe.

I'd love to sponsor a dolphin.

I will not bow to any sponsor.

You don't raise kids. You raise carrots. You sponsor kids.

The longest word in the world is "a word from our sponsor.

Finding a sponsor is the toughest part of racing tougher than driving.

I've always supported the DREAM Act. I'm a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act.


Iran can and should be a responsible state not the leading state sponsor of terror.

Iran - the world's leading sponsor of terrorism - is close to having nuclear weapons.

[Iranians] are a sponsor of terrorism around the world and we have to address that.

We do not sponsor any form of terrorism anywhere in the world. Never have never will

Death is real. Death changes things. Everything else is filler merely a message from our sponsor.

We have to figure out how to deal with Iran as the principal state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

It's a poor bureaucrat who can't stall a good idea until even its sponsor is relieved to see it dead and officially buried.

I need to take loving to the extreme as if it were a sport requiring a helmet and parachute. I wonder if @redbull would sponsor me.

I was the chief sponsor of the Business Employment Incentive Program bill which resulted in hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs here in New Jersey.

I get like 50 emails a day from kids being like 'I want to go on this trip around the world. How do I get a sponsor?'

Woodstock was the antithesis of what the music industry turned into. And if anyone tries to tie another Woodstock festival to an obnoxious sponsor I'll be out protesting again.

Do not be cursed by documented findings and so-called facts; invention itself is not yet an antique for the museum. Not every voice has the right to sponsor your beliefs and words.

The truth is that if you play on TV there is always a sponsor. There is no way around it. I've already passed on so much money I don't worry about it anymore.