Spoilt Quotes

There's a big difference between being privileged and being spoilt. My parents always said 'Spoilt means ruined and you're not ruined just incredibly fortunate.'

'Spoilt' is a euphemism for 'loved.'

Many excellent cooks are spoilt by going into the arts.

I feel like a spoilt rapper. I get to pick and choose everything.

Actresses are so spoilt - we have someone who does our hair for us on set so we don't know how to do it ourselves in real life. I know how to wash my hair and brush my teeth but that's about it!

I've always hated it when people overspend are spoilt or throw their money away.

Just as iron which is not used grows rusty and water putrefies and freezes in the cold so the mind of which no use is made is spoilt.

The soul can never be corrupted with the corruption of the body but it is like the wind which causes the sound of the organ and which ceases to produce a good effect when a pipe is spoilt.

I was probably spoilt if I'm being totally honest.

I hate being called spoilt. My life is ordinary.

You're spoilt as an actor if you are in that small percentage that works regularly.

I know I'm like a kid. Maybe I was a bit too spoilt growing up. Everything just came like I wanted it to.

But I'm kind of spoilt when it comes to comedy. I was on 'Friends' which was one of the funniest things on television.

It's difficult working with very rich actors because inevitably they become a little spoilt and the managers and agents tend to control things more than is healthy.

I was middle class and fucked up and spoilt.

The only man who wasn't spoilt by being lionized was Daniel.

He gives me the impression of being a spoilt child.(on Liszt)

Rather than getting more spoilt with age as difficulties pile up epiphanies of gratitude abound.

The good we do to others is spoilt unless we efface ourselves so completely that those we help have no sense of inferiority.

I've definitely been spoilt. Every movie I've done it's always the same criteria: finding a great story and finding a great part to play.