Splashing Quotes

Do not fail to learn from The pure voice of an Ever-flowing mountain stream Splashing over the rocks.

I know all about love that's too big to stay in a tiny bucket. Splashing out all over the place in the most embarrassing way possible.

I love splashing the blood around.

The sound of fresh rain run-off splashing from the roof reminded me of the sound of urine splashing into a filthy Texaco latrine.

Farewell my great one my own farewell my pride farewell my swift deep dear river how I loved your daylong splashing how I loved to plunge into your cold waves.

When a plane lands in the Hudson and there's a Twitter user on the ferry taking a picture of it Boom. That's it. The water is still splashing. Here's the photo of the thing.

I just keep going. When the water's too still I start splashing around and things jump out of the water.

I couldn't go into the haphazard drawing or the paintings the splashing of paint. I wanted to go back to a completely dry drawing a dry conception of art.