Spiritual Knowledge Quotes

Dispassion and humility lead to spiritual knowledge. Without them no one will see the Lord.

The power of spiritual knowledge gives you centeredness which brings out passion in work & dispassion in meditation.

Whatever else India may not be she is at least one thing She is the greatest storehouse of spiritual knowledge.

Joy is based on the spiritual knowledge that while the world in which we live is shrouded in darkness God has overcome the world.

Just as the thought of fire does not warm the body so faith without love does not actualize the light of spiritual knowledge in the soul.

Community is first of all a quality of the heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another.

The only way to acquire spiritual knowledge and keep It burning brightly is to be humble prayerful and to strive diligently to keep all of the commandments.

The power of a king lies in his mighty arms; that of a brahmana in his spiritual knowledge; and that of a woman in her beauty youth and sweet words.

In this lifetime you can lose everything. Everything passes here. But you don't lose any spiritual knowledge that you have gained in this or any other lifetime. It is inside you.

Another faculty has released this knowledge: our spirit. It is God's Word in our spirit. It creates a reality that registers in our spirit. We live by this spiritual knowledge and walk in its light.

The knowledge and spiritual conviction we receive from the Holy Ghost are the result of revelation.

To those who believe but wish their belief to be strengthened I urge you to walk in faith and trust in God. Spiritual knowledge always requires an exercise of faith.

Human relations are built on feeling not on reason or knowledge. And feeling is not an exact science; like all spiritual qualities it has the vagueness of greatness about it.

Spiritual knowledge improves intuitive ability innovative ability and communication.

In the spiritual realm the opposite of ignorance is not knowledge it's obedience.

The highest summit of spiritual perfection is knowledge of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Your footsteps will have more to say about your spiritual life than knowledge attained.

In spiritual matters knowledge is dependent upon being; as we are so we know.

My music is the spiritual expression of what I am: my faith my knowledge my being.

You never seem to hear about psychic occult attack in spiritual literature. This knowledge has been conveniently forgotten.

Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge to guide the Spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the universe.

Reverence for life brings us into a spiritual relation with the world which is independent of all knowledge of the universe.

Life is a struggle and not a matter of privilege. It is nothing but one's knowledge of the temporal and the spiritual world.

Refresh your commitment today to test everything by the Word of God. The surest defense against spiritual deception is knowledge of spiritual truth.

Part of my spiritual work is learning to live with the knowledge that we can't protect our loved ones from pain and heartache.

Information is not synonymous with knowledge. Information is only data parts of the whole. Knowledge has a moral imperative to enhance intellectual and spiritual unity.

As long as our consciousness is materialistic there is no room for joy. However on the spiritual platform three things automatically happen: eternity knowledge and bliss.

Respect those elder to you in years in knowledge and spiritual attainment and act with love and compassion with those who are younger or less fortunate than you.