Save Me Quotes

Music saved my life and Music saves me still.

I know for sure that loves saves me and that it is here to save us all.

I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear.

They fell but o'er their glorious grave Floats free the banner of the cause they died to save.

I am myself and what is around me and if I do not save it it shall not save me.

I do not want people to be very agreeable as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal.

To Him I owe my life and breath And all the joys I have; He makes me triumph over death And saves me from the grave.

I'm very unphysical and graceless so basically if you save 10 people to be with you in a resistance movement you would never save me. I'd be the last one.

Heal me oh Lord I will be healed. Save me oh Lord I will be saved. Bless me oh Lord I will be blessed. Free me oh Lord I will be free

Personally I'm a lazy kind of guy and leaving the door open on the mystical saves me work. I don't have to stress my brain trying to explain the unexplainable. It's magic. End of discussion.

Nothing impresses me any more save and except my own deep meditations.

I didn't save you " he whispers lips tickling my eyelashes. "You saved me.

Nobody wants campaign finance reform more than me. It would save me a fortune.

Save me from trendy religion that makes cheap clichés out of timeless truths.

Match me such marvel save in Eastern clime A rose-red city'half as old asTime'!

Can you squeeze me into an empty page of your diary and psychologically save me?

Save me from the ranks of the freaks who suspect they can never love anyone.

I'm your Beloved dammit! You're going to let me save your soul and like it!

Jesus made me so he should save me from pity sympathy and idiots discussing me.

What might save us me and you is if the Russians love their children too.

It occurred to me that no matter where I lived geography could not save me.

I was at Michael Jackson's house and this kid runs out 'Wait save me!'

I'd rather have people hate me with the knowledge that I tried to save them.

That afternoon my mother had brought me the roses. "Save them for my funeral " I'd said.

Unless a subject interests me I'll pass it over and save my film for better things.

Imora thea mi savur " Ash whispered under his breath in Atlantean. God save me from love.

Elvis heal me save me. Elvis make me be born again in the perfect Elvis light.

Because sometimes I live in a hurricane of wordsand not one of them can save me.

To save my child I'd rather go hungry. I got all of Ethiopia inside of me.

I am not Captain Save-A-Ho; I can only save one at a time and that's me!

I'm not trying to save the world. As a musician and artist it just ain't me.

It's amazing the look in your eyes like you could save me but you won't even try

For me closing libraries is the equivalent of eating your seed corn to save a little money.

Think you have nine lives do you? I saved you once.... don't make me save you again.

I am obliged to believe certain opinions myself. No man's belief will save me except my own.

All the world old is queer save thee and me and even thou art a little queer.

We can't save the past or solve the riddle of love. But to me it's worth trying.

I'm normally not a praying man but if you're up there please save me Superman. Homer Simpson

In a city [world] as dirty as this You gather up save and show me Purely beautiful things.

'The Dog Whisperer' to me is a show that had a passion and it helped me save relationships.

Maybe I need somebody that could save me From the parts of myself that keep making me crazy.

Herat 8 December. What a day it was! God save me from any more adventures on a drained stomach.

No penance can your hard heart find save such as you long since have taught me to endure

I would love him to save me a place in his team George Best that is not God.

If God can save Paul He can save anybody. If God could use me God could use anybody.

I don't know what's going to happen to me tomorrow. That's why I don't save my best for last.

I love people who have died trying to save wildlife. When I see that passion that gives me hope.

install me in any profession Save this damn'd profession of writing where one needs one's brains all the time.

But of all plagues good Heaven thy wrath can send Save me oh save me from the candid friend!

No course was open to me save to leap with eyes self-bound into the yawning abyss of the future.

We have to save the world " I reminded him. He reached for me. "The world can wait. I can't.

Heaven help me for the way I am save me from these evil deeds before I get them done.

For they have nothing to fight me with save the brute force of their numbers. I have my mind.

Save me save me save me from this squeeze. I got a big fat mama trying to break me.

I'm a very safe saver. I save everything. I save all my money and my parents raised me like that.

Save me from the error of judging a church by its size popularity or the amount of its yearly offerings.

Before me things created were none save things Eternal and eternal I endure. All hope abandon ye who enter here.

For what other reason would you have me save you? Because I like you? Better to be useful than liked.

The scripture that God used to save me was Isaiah 7.14 which today is still my favourite verse in the Bible.

If my closet were burning it'd be my collection of jackets I would save - they always make me feel pulled-together.

Silence will save me from being wrong (and foolish) but it will also deprive me of the possibility of being right.

I shall listen to my heart and it shall save me. I shall listen to my heart and I'll be free.

She comes back Through blood by blood She returns Cut deep now Like me Humanity saves her Will she save me?

Voices in the darkness scream away my mental health can I ask a question to help me save me from myself?

Some people think I enjoy debate. I don't. I wish everyone agreed with me; it would save a lot of time.

No one but me can save myself though its too late death greets me warm now i will just say goodbye.

Nobody else will ever be able to save me if Iâ??m not fighting as hard as I can to save myself.

Your father died for me and dying with you would be an honor though not as great as dying to save you.

Be the best Guardian you can be. Save lots of people. And every time you save someone think of me." -Maddy

You were right. My whole crew. Gone. Arrested. Perfect. Shoot me now and save me the expense of a bullet later. (Tory)

I'm off to save the universe again. It's a tough job but someone has to do it and I'm glad it's me.

My skin is an art gallery right with paintings and crucifixes hoping to save me from all the dangers in the music business

Architecture and any art can transform a person even save someone. It can for children - for anyone. It still does for me.

Ah tell me not that memory sheds gladness o'er the past what is recalled by faded flowers save that they did not last?

They keep telling me don't save you. If I ignore all that advice and something isn't right then who will I complain to?

I've certainly never helped anybody save the day in any capacity. If anybody is going to understand making a few mistakes it's me.

Don't talk me about religion! Don't talk me about tales for children! Be serious! Trust science because only the science can save you!

Will you marry me vile and abominable girl that you are? Yes but mind it only to save my neck from being wrung!

I'm trying to let him know what I'm about to do.I'm hoping he can save me even though I realize he can't.

Mom was the greatest influence of my childhood. She wanted to save me from the vice lust and drinking that was all about me.

â??"I look upon this world as a wrecked vessel. God has given me a lifeboat and said 'Moody save all you can.

Don't you just hate it when you are in bed with three beautiful women and the least attractive one whispers: save it for me!

I was taught from a young age that I had to serve so that turned into me thinking I had to save the planet.

If his mother was drowning and I was drowning and he had to choose one of us to save He says he'd save me.

If we can teach people about wildlife they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love.

The liberator who destroys my property is fighting to save my spirit. The teacher who clears all possessions from my path will set me free.

I really did for a few weeks think I'm in pain because the world needs me to save it. Which is so ridiculous and egotistical.

Sometimes I just want to paint the words "It's my fault" across my forehead to save people the time of being pissed off at me.

Whenever I would get in trouble with my dad my mom would always save me. So that's why I like my mom - she cool.

He saved me. He freaking electrocuted himself to save me. Iâ??m gonna be there when he wakes up so I can tell him thanks.

It is clear to me that unless we connect directly with the earth we will not have the faintest clue why we should save it.

Anger is very difficult for me to express. I have a tremendous amount of anger but I like to save it . . . for my loved ones.

I have to go out for lunch and dinner because I can't cook. I need a woman to come and save me from my cooking.

I am on fire within. There comes no murmur of reply. What is it that will take away my sin And save me lest I die?

That which is impossible to thee is not impossible to me: I shall save my word in all things and I shall make all things well.

I don't want the world to give me anything for my books except money enough to save me from the temptation to write only for money.

You saved me " I said. Nathaniel put his hands on either side of my face. "I had to " he said. "So you could save me back.

The real me is a southern girl with her Levis on and an open heart. Wish I could save the world like I was super girl.

You realize that trying to keep your distance from me will not lessen my affection for you. All efforts to save me from you will fail.

Their fate rested entirely on me. I could save them by telling the truth. I could destroy them by lying. No one should have that much power.

My parents used to say to me to save. Always save. They also told me to invest in properties and to never go over your monthly allowance.

My mum's advice is never to whine to my friends so they never see the other side of me. I save all my problems for my mother.

Fang looked at me hope in his eyes and I smirked at him. I save the huge emotional kissy-face for imminent death scenes. This probably didn't qualify.

I saw that all things I feared and which feared me had nothing good or bad in them save insofar as the mind was affected by them.

I do believe in saving shoes. But that does not make me a hoarder. I am not a hoarder. But why not save them? Styles come back.

In the Cleveland area I have been instrumental in helping to save or create thousands of jobs. People know me there as a person who gets involved.

To waste! You are unknown and unwanted save by me. This because you are fairly adept at the various embalming arts and you occasionally compose a clever epitaph.

Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone. I keep waiting for you but you never come. Is this in my head? I don't know what to think.

If I see a spider in my house I put it in a cup and then I take it outside. I save it. What is wrong with me?

Kind words and tender affections will not save me from this lake of woe and misery but they may be enough of a buoy to prevent my drowning.

And how she looked at me like I could save her from everything bad in he world. This was my secret: she was the one who saved me

My job my mission the reason I've been put onto this planet is to save wildlife. And I thank you for comin' with me. Yeah let's get 'em!

Now I think poetry will save nothing from oblivion but I keep writing about the ordinary because for me it's the home of the extraordinary the only home.

Something always made me save myself. Either the Betty Ford Center or going onstage to perform in the theater when many people didn't think I could do it.

It baffles me that people think that obliterating the past will save them from its consequences as if throwing away the empty cake plate would help you lose weight.

I always save a few special outfits for the final rounds of a tournament because they put me in a more positive mindset and I then make better decisions.

Right I breast feed baby camels in my backyard just for the freaking fun of it. Just tell me where you live Pinocchio and save the baloney for lunch.

I think there are people watching me and if ever I manage to save £1 000 there's someone saying 'Oh we'll invent a tax to take that off him.

You wanna fight?" I asked. He looked up at me and for just a second hesitated then said "Yeah. I do." "Well I'll save you the trouble. You win.

She howl'd aloud I am on fire within.There comes no murmur of reply.What is it that will take away my sin And save me lest I die?

The Christian's comfort: I am not my own. I do not make my own rules or create my own identity. There is one who made me and can save me.

Oh how I wish I could be as obsessive as Carrie from 'Homeland' when I'm writing a book! That would save me a lot of trouble during the revision process.

I just broke up with my boyfriend so I'm officially single. But one thing I find unbelievably annoying is all these guys in my life who want to save me.

Everyone who made 'Save the Date ' like the writers and the director they're all happily married and not anti-marriage at all so that was kind of interesting to me.

When I'm a ship tossed around on the waves Up on a highwire that's ready to break. When I've had just about all I can take baby you save me

When I was 13 or 14 I started devouring novels; literature took quite a while to take me over but it caught up just in time to save me from becoming a mathematician.

From plots and treasons Heaven preserve my years But save me most from my petitioners. Unsatiate as the barren womb or grave; God cannot grant so much as they can crave.

Oh God you know what would be really good for me is a dog locater - it would save me the hours that I have to spend looking for my dog.

I'm hoping my children will save me from my vanity. If it doesn't plastic surgery is an option... It sucks to have to grow older. We all have to accept it.

It's okay. You're going to save me Miss Maylene." The girl gave her a genuine look of happiness. "I know it. I knew if I found you everything would be okay.

I could never kill myself. What if it doesn't work. Then I'll have failed at the only thing that could save me from my failures. Where do you go from there?

Come at once. Help me. Save me. I need you as I have never needed you before. I love you I love you I love you. Come at once"-Cersei Lannister

You stand by me and you believe in me like nobody ever has. When my world goes crazy you're right there to save me. You make me see how much I have.

At some point I hope to have grown sufficiently in both stature and wisdom to understand that I cannot deliver myself from myself and that God alone can save me from me.

Jesus came to save me from myself. He came to save me from self-effort. He didn't just die for my sin to give me forgiveness; he rose again to give me life.

I imagine my children are going to save me from my vanity and be my passion and fill whatever fears I have of the amazing time I'm having right now being gone.

All I want is to mess around and I don't really care about if you love me if you hate me you can't save me baby baby all my life I've been good

The silence stretched out between us as I stared at him the tears blurring my vision as I waited for him to save me from this torment. Surely he could find a way.

My lifesaver has always been the hazel iris of your soul. It never fails. When the world plunges me deep into the darkness one look from you is all it takes to save me.

I am a professed atheist until I find myself in serious circumstances. Then I quickly fall on my knees in my mind if not literally and I say : 'Please God save me from this.'

I like the fact that people come together who have shared values but I don't believe that a man died 2 000 years ago and was crucified on a cross to save me from my original sin.