Riding Quotes

Paul Ryan hasn't lacked for a job since he left college as the golden child of Wisconsin Republican politics riding his family connections into a job with then-Senator Bob Kasten.

I have two brothers and we basically spent our lives playing in the woods falling in ponds getting chased by wasps and riding donkeys that we shouldn't have been riding.

I left home at the correct time but when I was riding along near the hatchery the crew was separating some salmon I guess I just got distraught watching them.

Do I race motorcycles? I do. I use the word 'race' because I admit what I do on a motocross bike is different than riding a Harley down the street.

I've always like roadracing but you know how it is in a family when you're young. They thought it was a little too dangerous so I started with Trials riding.

I hitchhiked at high school. My parents thought was a perfectly normal thing to do even though God knows I got blown a lot of times riding home from school.

If you ride in a group then you're okay. Then the cars will respect you. But if you're riding alone you get no respect out there from cars at all.

At an early age I told myself I would never quit skating I would never quit riding BMX and being a motorcycle junkie. I just can't stop doing those things.

There was a knight came riding by In early spring when the roads were dry; And he heard that lady sing at the noon Two red roses across the moon.

I grew up on the bus or riding my bike or catching the subway I've never had a car. In college any girl I ever dated had a car too.

I have a secret passion for horse riding. I haven't done it for ages but I used to have a horse. I love it; it's one of my favourite things.

There was one moment where they were riding their little ponies in Scotland and Stella said to me: 'Dad! You're Paul McCartney aren't you?' 'Yes darling but I'm Daddy really'.

Chris Christie said he will top Donald Trump's Iowa State Fair helicopter entrance by riding in on a pony. As a result all the ponies in Iowa have gone into hiding.

The entrance into Jerusalem has all the elements of the theatre of the absurd: the poor king; truth comes riding on a donkey; symbolic actions - even parading without a permit!

You know something that would really make me applaud? A guy gets stuck in quicksand then sinks then suddenly comes shooting out riding on water skis! How do they do that?!

When riding ask yourself what will my horse get out of it if I get what I want? Many times human nature is to take and to not give anything back.

First our focus on security is on the infrastructure itself. So it is all about how you protect the network the device and the application that is riding on the server.

I'm most excited about going swimming and riding water slides shooting off fireworks and playing basketball and things like that. That's what I really love doing. Summer is a great time.

Because mountains are high and broad the way of riding the clouds is always reached in the mountains; the inconceivable power of soaring in the wind comes freely from the mountains

I'm used to riding horses. My father used to breed horses when I was a child. I grew up in Tipperary in the country and lots of people have horses there.

The men are much alarmed by certain speculations about women; and well they may be for when the horse and ass begin to think and argue adieu to riding and driving.

I never took the bus. Never. Walking meant you were eccentric or pious or a loser - riding the bus meant you were insane or masochistic and worse than a loser.

As a kid I knew I wanted to be either a cartoonist or an astronaut. The latter was never much of a possibility as I don't even like riding in elevators.

One moment you appear to be riding the crest of a wave only to have the rug pulled away from you bringing you back down to earth with a sickening thud.

The key is being able to endure psychologically. When you're not riding well you think why suffer? Why push yourself for four or five hours? The mountains are the pinnacle of suffering

Captain Carpenter rose up in his prime Put on his pistols and went riding out But had got wellnigh nowhere at that time Till he fell in with ladies in a rout.

I grew up riding horses and on the beach and I never really wore makeup and my mom showed that as an example. She wore makeup just in a beautiful effortless way.

I loved riding bikes and horses. I was eight when I started having lessons and when my father bought me my own horse I couldn't wait to go off on my own.

When I'm riding in a car I don't really listen to music. I turn the radio off and just be thinking brainstorming. I'm one of these people that just like to brainstorm.

I was a daredevil before and after I lost my sight I was the same. I loved riding bikes scooters and horses. I even learned to box. Muhammad Ali is my hero.

Paul's last words to Linda: "You're up on your beautiful Appaloosa stallion. It's a fine spring day. We're riding through the woods. The bluebells are all out and the sky is clear-blue".

The old horse is coming back in a high lope. Thousands of people are riding a horse today that five years ago couldn't sit in a Ford with all the doors locked.

When my boy arrived in this life on this planet it was completely a new dimension of experience for me and my wife. I'm still riding on the wave of that experience.

She was riding a bear! And the Aurora was swaying above them in golden arcs and loops and all around was the bitter Arctic cold and the immense silence of the North.

I have always had good strength in my legs from working out with weights. I have also been riding a bike of some sort for most of my life and have good agility.

Music has shaped men's fashion and transposed in a playful and witty manner its riding or military heritage. It is difficult to figure out who leads but music and fashion are connected genetically.

A man gets used to riding on at the break of day. Comes to think that movement and noise is where life is when after all there's life in stillness and quiet too.

Sometimes you get tired of riding in taxicabs the same way you get tired riding in elevators. All of a sudden you have to walk no matter how far or how high up.

The best thing you can do is to keep riding your snowboard and love what you're doing. Without a passion for the sport it's difficult to take your riding to the next level.

I was the youngest of three brothers by five years so I spent most of my childhood playing alone being Zorro or some other superhero doing Lego watching telly and riding my bike.

I guess Madden had seen everything with out group and everybody else had seen everything. (After coming to practice field riding a horse and wearing a German WWI helmet painted silver and black)

My money's riding on this dark horse baby My heart is sayin' it's the lucky one And its true color's gonna shine through someday If we let this Let this dark horse run

I grew up hiking and horseback riding in Tennessee so I love being outside. I will joyfully run 12 miles but I'm not very good at boot camps. When they start yelling I start laughing.

The peaceful splendour of the night healed again. The moon was now past the meridian and travelling down the west. It was at its full and very bright riding through the empty blue sky.

There are so many different reasons as to why I love riding trains. But I think ultimately it's the romantic feeling of it. There's something about it that just transports me into old films.

I have family in Tanzania. I can't even explain the joy of riding through the Tanzania national park and seeing giraffes run across the road and elephants over in a pond and baboons running.

You know one day you're being briefed on world affairs and asked to make decisions and the next you're in Crawford Texas ... and the biggest decision is when do you go mountain bike riding.

You see I had been riding with the storm clouds and had come to earth as rain and it was drought that I had killed with the power that the Six Grandfathers gave me.

I love riding even if it's just my Vespa. You just zip and do your thing. I find there's a different awareness when I ride; it connects me to my senses and to God.

I look at being a capitalist businessperson like riding a bike - if I go too slowly I'll fall over. Or it's kind of like a shark: if I stop swimming I'll just die.

I never leave home without my writing notebook and get a lot of writing done in transit. One great place to create is while riding the subways of New York City where I live.

One of the over-riding things for many who grow up in poverty is the simple desire to escape. I think it was sort of obvious to me that escape had to be through education.

When I feel like I'm in a rut I remember it's the little things in life that are important like riding a bike with a friend or eating ice cream with my baby niece.

Westerns are fun. I wish more of them would be made. When you're out there on a set carrying a gun riding a horse you kind of get lost in that make believe world.

It's been a while since I've had sex. I figured it was just like riding a bike the only difference is that after a while the bike doesn't turn you over and ride you.

I mean I grew up riding. I can't ever remember not being able to ride or rope and all that stuff. It was part of my life growing up so it was fun for me.

I remember riding across the Brooklyn Bridge about 12 times because they wanted me to keep up with the helicopter and I said "Can you have the helicopter keep up with me my calves are burning!

If you see me in New York you'll probably see me on my bicycle riding furiously between a city bus and a taxi cab hitting one of them on the side and yelling at them.

It is not difficult to censor foreign news. What is difficult today is to censor one's own thoughts To sit by and see the blind man On the sightless horse riding into the bottomless abyss.

I've been riding for 36 years. I started when I was 14-years-old. I was one of those crazy guys riding wheelies up and down the streets all the time. I love riding. It's in my blood.

Sometimes I wish I had every different sort of board that I could just bring out for this surf when I feeling like surfing this board. I love riding old single fins and twin fins.

I can remember riding in the car with [my daughter] Amelia when she was very small and we'd talk about money the same way we'd talk about sparkly shoes or what had happened at school.

I never want to abandon my bike. I see my grandfather now in his seventies and riding around everywhere. To me that is beautiful. And the bike must always remain a part of my life.

I'm not a huge gym person so I try to stay away from the gym. But I love to run on the beach or go for a walk. It's better than riding a stationary bike.

I'm an American actor. I work with my clothes on. I have to. Riding a horse can be pretty tough on your legs and elsewheres.

Riding turns 'I wish into 'I can'.

Riding exhilarated me; it gave me a joy and a purpose.

Riding a Dragon is amazing exhilarating and murder on the thighs.

Riding clean With you on my mind and I'm thinking dirty things.

Life is like riding a bicycle: you don't fall off unless you stop pedaling.

Riding in another drop ain't talking Enterprise They try to see me get diabetes from humble pie

Butterflies and zebras And moonbeams and fairy tales That's all she ever thinks about Riding with the wind.

I'm Ric Flair! The Stylin' profilin' limousine riding jet flying kiss-stealing wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun!

Riding the train gives him too much time to think he has decided. Too much thinking can ruin you.

The story of Little Blue Riding Hood is true. Only the color has been changed to prevent an investigation.

Riding is a complicated joy. You learn something each time. It is never quite the same and you never know it all.

Riding a bicycle is about getting back to basics. It's good for the waistline and it's good for the wallet is what I'm saying.

Riding a bike works your legs but not your brain. Playing chess works your mind but not your body. Climbing brings it all together.

Riding a Ducati is like having sex with an aerobics instructor - you know I'm exhausted and panting and it's going: 'Are you done already?'

In riding a horse we borrow freedom.

No one can teach riding so well as a horse.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

When perfectionism is driving us shame is riding shotgun and fear is that annoying backseat driver!

A vegan riding a hummer contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions than a meat eater riding a bicycle.

I enjoy horse riding spending time with my dog 'Smurf ' and basically having a really good laugh partying and having fun!

There is something about riding a unicorn for those people who still can which is unlike any other experience: exhilarating and intoxicating and fine.

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.

The moon is at her full and riding high Floods the calm fields with light. The airs that hover in the summer sky Are all asleep to-night.

I felt as if I were riding a pendulum. Just as I would swing into the abyss of hopelessness the pendulum would swing back with some small goodness.

I spent my childhood in New York riding on subways and buses. And you know what you learn if you're a New Yorker? The world doesn't owe you a damn thing.

Once you're a mom always a mom. It's like riding a bike you never forget.

I like being active and riding a bike around my neighborhood and exercising when I can.

I'm simple. I love hiking going to the gym doing some simple stuff. I love being outdoors I love bike riding. Just stuff that's fun!

The moon is at her full and riding high Floods the calm fields with light. The airs that hover in the summer sky Are all asleep tonight.

Man when I'm riding with the helmet on I'm invisible. And people just deal with me as the guy on the bike... it gives you a chance to read 'em.

I learned why 'out riding alone' is an oxymoron: An equestrian is never alone is always sensing the other being the mysterious but also understandable living being that is the horse.

When I grew up I only had two dreams. One was to be a cowboy and another was to be in the military. I grew up extremely patriotic and riding horses.

If I have to move up in a building I choose the elevator over the escalator. Because one time I was riding the escalator and I tripped. I fell down the stairs for an hour and a half.

Dancing is like riding a bike.

All in green went my love riding

Faith is the soul riding at anchor.

Homosexuals are riding high in the media.

Been riding broomsticks since she was fifteen.

We are all riding on the same bus.

I love horseback riding. I still do it.

I thought of that while riding my bicycle.

I also love horseback riding in New Jersey.

We'll all be riding that streetcar of desire.

Government central planning means over-riding other people's plans.

My favorite weekend activity is riding bikes to breakfast.

President Obama is riding the wrong horse on energy.

I like riding a bicycle built for two--by myself.

I may however begin riding again when I am 60.

I only knew basic western trail riding. Nothing fancy.

Although motorcycle riding is romantic motorcycle maintenance is purely classic.

Voroshilov was a hard-riding hard-drinking military crony of civil-war days.

If you're not getting hurt you're not riding hard enough.

The riding of young horses is an excellent nerve tonic.

On the cliffs of your wild cat charms I'm riding.

Why is it called Piggie-back riding? I'm not a piggie!

In Europe I always have fun bike riding in Amsterdam.

I've been riding on the crest of a slump lately.

Floating to shore...riding a low moon...on a slow cloud.

Shoulder-in is the aspirin of horseback riding - it cures everything.

I guess I'm just in the flow and riding the wave

I call myself a blind man riding on a blind tiger.

Eating chicken without skin is like riding a bike without wheels

Love and pregnancy and riding on a camel cannot be hid

I'd been horse-riding a couple of times but I wasn't that good.

Cruel young men usually sit on their beds with their riding boots.

A man used to riding in a car cannot understand a pedestrian.

Driving in Monte Carlo is like riding a bike in your house.

One foot in each world riding them simultaneously; expecting not to fall.

I'm happy riding horses and getting out shooting my gun things like that.

I'm an outdoors girl - I like to go fishing riding four-wheelers hunting.

I'm very much looking forward to doing nothing fixed just riding for fun.

And sometimes through the mirror blue The knights come riding two and two.

Actually when I was little I even dreamed about riding a black cat.

There is no greater pleasure in the world than riding a good horse.

No longer riding on the merry-go-round I just had to let it go.

A little rest and meditation often saves a lot of riding over rough country.

To date every American citizen has nearly $27 000 in public debt riding on our backs.

Everyone has a completely different style of riding and a different style of judging.

Thanks to the Tour de France riding the Champs-Elysees has a great cycling history.

India riding on MS Dhoni wave Dhoni is a different man in World Cups

I'd rather die riding 95 than live a life full of nothing but filthy lies.

The toughest part about riding a horse is overcoming the urge to eat it.

Some people like to garden some people like motorcycle riding... my hobby is winning.

If a horse has four legs and I'm riding it I think I can win.

It's quite easy to start Trials riding. You just need a bike and you're set.

Writing is not alas like riding a bicycle: it does not get easier with practice.

I would compete in unicorn back riding! Why? Because we are from the same fairytale.

Three men riding on a bicycle which has only one wheel I guess that's surrealism.

Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside

There was a star riding through clouds one night & I said to the star 'Consume me'.

Im riding a troll! i was born to do this and steal stuff and EAT LOADS!

Bull riding is probably the most dangerous sport in the world in terms of head injuries.

Horse riding is a perfect comparison with singing.You must know where the double fences are.

Narcissistic love is riding on the rollecoaster of disaster filled with a heart full of tears.

Julie was an issue riding on an issue and using a third issue for a whip.

Future generations riding on the highways that we built I hope they have a better understanding.

I grew up around horses but acting and riding on camera is a whole different thing.

Crying wasn't like riding a bike. Give it up and you quickly forget how it's done.

The secret in riding is to do only a few things but to do them right

I wanted to turn pro at like 12 years old when I was riding for Bones Brigade.

Wouldn't it fun to be able to communicate with a horse while you were riding it?

You can know or not know how a car runs and still enjoy riding in a car.

My hobbies are mountain biking horseback riding and packing canoeing and kayaking hiking camping cooking and skiing.

That was interesting riding in the trunk " Milo said "but I wouldn't want to do it again.

Oakley and Burton have been my main sponsors since '87. I've been riding for both of them.

... I answered the voice that I was a poor girl who knew nothing of riding and warfare ...

Growing up I absolutely loved skateboarding and dirt bike riding with my brother and the neighborhood kids.

That [race] is still part of what [Barack Obama] is riding on. Except that too is diminishing.

Itâ??s been a tsunami of media and Iâ??ve been riding it on a mercury surfboard.

I spent a couple of months just riding a bike doing my own training in the streets.

The difference between authorized and unauthorized biographies is the difference between riding in carriage or squatting in steerage.

Rarely in broadcasting history has so much been riding on the whimsical flick of a few thousand wrists.

Nearly everything that was fun of course was also a little dangerous: riding roller coasters skydiving gambling sex.

Life is like riding in a taxi. Whether you are going anywhere or not the meter keeps ticking.

I started horse-riding when I was a child and still try to go as often as I can.

All in green went my love of riding on a great horse of gold into the silver dawn.

We always lead with hits. If you want to have success you have to be riding a hit.

He learned the arts of riding fencing gunnery And how to scale a fortress - or a nunnery.

Ever since I turned 22 I've grown weaker. I think I'm going to die after riding a slide once.

Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to stay balanced you've got to keep moving forward.

I miss riding those fast trains in Japan... 'cause I'd never seen a train that fast in my life.

I started writing serious books so late because I knew I'd be accused of riding on my father's coattails.

Today the main over-riding purpose of the European Union is different: not to win peace but to secure prosperity.

When you were riding on the crest of a wave youwere most likely to be missing out on something.

Before going mountain bike riding it's a good idea to leave your valuables at home. Your testicles for example.

It's been a long time since I've written old-fashioned sword and sorcery; I'm hoping it's like riding a bicycle.

The day I worry about cleaning my house is the day Sears comes out with a riding vacuum cleaner.

The stretch of the limousine usually is inversely proportional to the self esteem of the person riding in it.

Being a president is like riding a tiger. A man has to keep on riding or he is swallowed.

Pressure is when you've got thirty-five bucks riding on a four-foot putt and you've only got five dollars left.

Well I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president

Life is like riding a bicycle. You get nowhere standing up so get up on that seat and go!

People loved their horses too. But you don't keep riding your horse to work just because you love it.

I started writing serious books so late because I knew Id be accused of riding on my fathers coattails.

When I'm riding my bicycle I feel like a Buddhist who is happy just to enjoy his mundane existence

Sentences or solutions occur to me in the shower or while running on the treadmill or riding on the subway.

She felt that she enjoyed it [horseback riding] in a pagan sensuous way and always looked forward to renouncing it.

I've always been into powder that's what I like riding and now you've got to go farther to get it.

Perseverance does not equal worthiness. Next time you want to get my attention wear something fun. Low-riding jeans are hot.

...I didn't want to be a passenger on someone else's motorcycle.I wanted to be the one riding that motherfucker.

If time were the wicked sheriff in a horse opera I'd pay for riding lessons and take his gun away.

Words had started swimming off the page circling my head the letters doing one-eighties as if they were riding skateboards.

The first movie I appeared in was Carry On Cowboy though not as an actor. I was just riding horses.

What we are seeking so frantically elsewhere may turn out to be the horse we have been riding all along.

Millions of Americans each year use our national forests to go hiking fishing hunting camping swimming horseback riding and canoeing.

I dont hate L.A. There's a very beautiful side to it; it's scenic and I can go horse riding.

I dreamed I saw the bombers riding shot gun in the sky and they were turning into butterflies above our nation.

I trained in combat sword fighting horse riding... It's empowering knowing that I can a break man's nose with my elbow.

The things that stop you having sex with age are exactly the same as those that stop you riding a bicycle.

It's about the time I was riding my Motorcycle going down a mountain road at 150 miles an hour playing my guitar.

So quit looking for 'the one'. You have a better chance of finding an Oompa Loompa riding a unicorn fighting Bigfoot.

Horseback riding is my passion. Other than work. People can't imagine me getting dirty but that's what I love about it.

What I love about acting is that you are exposed to so many different things. Horse-riding sailing travelling to amazing places.

If you have the Old Testament at home if you flip the corner pages you can see Jesus riding a horse.

Its a force of life sex; you cant deny the thrill of riding high wide and handsome with someone you love.

Each and all we are riding into the dark. Even living we cannot remember half the events of our own days.

I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra riding in the car with my grandpa and I was just intrigued by it.

Love is an endless ocean with no beginning or end. Imagine a suspended ocean riding on a cushion of ancient secrets.

When I'm riding my motorcycle I'm glad to be alive. When I stop riding my motorcycle I'm glad to be alive.

I remember riding my bike down the boardwalk with nowhere to go and looking at the girls. It was really innocent.

Take my hand and we'll go riding through the sunshine from above. We'll find happiness together in the summer skies of love.

The problem with surviving was that you ended up with the ghosts of everyone you'd ever left behind riding on your shoulders.

My earliest memory is of the best Christmas gift ever a toy train. I remember riding that thing all through our house.

Long as I was riding in a big Cadillac and dressed nice and had plenty of food that's all I cared about.

It is the same with people as it is with riding a bike. Only when moving can one comfortably maintain one's balance.

I seen her with the milkman riding down the street. When you're through with my baby milkman send her home to me.

Like a fish needs a bicycle. A goldfish riding a bicycle underwater. I need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

One was to be a cowboy and another was to be in the military. I grew up extremely patriotic and riding horses.

Lynet scowled. "I'm just so tired of young knights wearing their father's armor and dreaming romantic dreams riding up to their death.

It's something I find enjoyable. Whether it is a road bike or mountain bike or tandem bike. I enjoy riding a bike.

I love horses. I think I may have been one of Henry VIII's knights in another life riding through a great forest.

It is unthinkable to have a British countryside that doesn't have actual functioning farmers riding tractors cows in fields things like that.

Draw places you have seen from memory. I used to paint things I had glimpsed through windows while riding in the elevated train.

Let's face it I like Stanford grads. I'd always hear about this campus and everybody is riding bikes and people hopping into fountains.

I believe the gay community is a good group of people but with groups like NAMBLA [a pedophile group] riding on their coattails.

Having sex without a condom is like riding a roller coaster with diarrhea. You can't just throw your hands up and enjoy it.

A person riding a unicycle on a tightrope doesn't worry about being likeable; they're doing something amazing that very few people can do.

There is a peculiar pleasure in riding out into the unknown. A pleasure which no second journey on the same trail ever affords.

When I was six God was a white man with a big beard riding on a white cloud. That's the image television pumps.

Starting a business is like riding a wave between life and death. If you can hang on long enough you're bound to succeed

You might not be riding high on a great show for as long because you didn't have people to share the joy with.

So it's 1976 and we're still riding on our past success. I mean I've gone on like that for I don't know how long.

I think a lot of little girls like riding but sadly not that many people live in a place where it's an option.

If Jesus were here today he wouldn't be riding around on a donkey. He'd be taking a plane he'd be using the media.

The only thing that would make her jealous would be if I led a parade riding a unicorn while ballerinas sang love songs.

But you see that's the gilded prison of fashion. We're riding in private jets and meantime I was so incredibly painfully sad and lonely.

When I was in my twenties it felt like I was riding wild horses and I was hoping I didnt go over a cliff.

When I was in my twenties it felt like I was riding wild horses and I was hoping I didn't go over a cliff.

I grew up in a place where a lot of my friends had horses so I grew up riding. But I'm not an expert.

You could make a film about being intoxicated only when you're riding motorcycles but really when you're in an enclosed space safely you can.

The only sea I saw Was the seesaw sea With you riding on it. Lie down lie easy. Let me shipwreck in your thighs.

There is something about riding down the street on a prancing horse that makes you feel like something even when you ain't a thing.

I was well known to African Americans before Bill Clinton discovered me. He was like Christopher Columbus riding up on something he didn't understand.

Indians are born with an instinct for riding rowing hunting fishing and swimming. Americans are born with an instinct for fooling around with machines.

[George Bush] has raised taxes on the people driving pickup trucks and lowered taxes on the people riding in limousines. We can do better.

When you're a kid all you really care about are Slurpees and Slip N Slide and riding your bike and that's what I did.

Being President is a little bit like riding a tiger. You have to keep riding or else you will be swallowed up by it!

Horses are not for riding! They do not exist for riding! Horse riding is man's invention! It is the making up of human benefit!

I love animals but I don't really like riding animals. Like I don't love being on a horse - it's just not my thing.

We are nothing but a string of gut on a stick of bone riding this piece of astral soot for one piteous splinter of eternity.

The goal is to live with God like composure on the full rush of energy like Dionysus riding the leopard without being torn to pieces.

I think it is easy to be a doctor. There are a hell of a lot more doctors than there are guys riding big Pipeline.

Whenever the moon and stars are set Whenever the wind is high All night long in the dark and wet A man goes riding by.

Lots of people feel more alive when theyre riding a roller-coaster relationship. But while this might be fun for a while it cant possibly last.

If you can ride through Texas with somebody which is 700 miles of just straight flat freeway riding then you can be friends with them forever.

Lots of people feel more alive when they're riding a roller-coaster relationship. But while this might be fun for a while it can't possibly last.

Her life was like running on a treadmill or riding on a stationary bike; it was aerobic it was healthy but she wasn't going anywhere.

At the risk bragging one of the things I'm best at is riding coattails. Behind every successful man is me smiling and taking partial credit.

This far north the sun was still up although very low riding through the mountains as if looking for something it lost on the ground.

The answer is hard work. What are you doing on Christmas Eve? Are you riding your bike? January 1st - are you riding your bike?

When you're riding a bike you're more connected to the outdoors and to other people than you are when you are stuck in your car.

I enjoy horse riding tennis yoga and running - it helps to clear my head and I can do bits of yoga in between filming.

I used to have about a hundred suits in my late twenties and early thirties when my stock was riding high and I was rich.

I grew up in Florida riding horses so for the majority of my life I was either in boots and jeans or a bathing suit.

The Colombians are good-tempered people. They are used to waiting for buses that are late used to riding buses and trains that do not arrive.

It is the first line that gives the inspiration and then it's like riding a bull. Either you just stick with it or you don't.

Painting for a whole morning gives one as excellent an appetite for one's dinner as old Abraham Tucker acquired for his by riding over Banstead Downs.

I am expected to be glamorous and untouchable. Like success would make me spoiled and entitled. However I am just a normal dog-owning horse-riding meat-eating Oklahoman.

I've been accused of riding roughshod over others' emotions and I admit when I feel a friend is being over-indulgent my patience is in short supply.

It's awesome to realize that if your greatest potential talent is for riding a bicycle upside down on a high wire you will somehow discover it.

The high-handed bureaucratic excesses of the IRS are a national disgrace ... riding roughshod over the taxpayers and making a joke out of our rule of laws.

I started mountain-bike riding two years ago which is much better than riding a stationary bike in the gym. Mountain biking is a total body workout.

Splendid ' Abbé Patin said with a sheepish grin pulling up alongside. 'There is nothing quite so thrilling as riding in fear of one's life.

Tyrion Lannister could not have been more astonished if Aegon the Conqueror himself had burst into the room riding on a dragon and juggling lemon pies.

That's the reality of it. Everybody has a big two or three. The health of those big two or three ... there's a lot riding on it.

You have to look good when you are riding you have to impress your adversary with your elegance. To look good is already to go fast.

It's more about the stuff you think about when you're getting from place to place on a bicycle than it is about actually riding the bicycle.

I went to high school in Los Angeles and I grew up riding horses so that was kind of my life. I always wanted to act.

In all my years of New York cab riding I have yet to find the colorful philosophical cabdriver that keeps popping up on the late movies.

The secret in riding is to do few things right. The more one does the less one succeeds. The less one does the more one succeeds.

Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth and I have to say when I'm riding around in that crazy Space Mountain ride I'm happy.

The Gospel frees us to speak honestly about the reality of pain confident that nothing is riding on our ability to cope with or fend off suffering.

I felt the need to clarify we were there for the self defense class in case he also taught about dog breeding or riding the high seas.

I rode with four street-clothes cops in the East Village. I spent six weeks riding with them every day - in street clothes with a vest underneath.

It's brutal. I see friends when their shows don't work. Everything's riding on making money and all the pressure and how people scatter when fortunes turn downward.

I met Jason Donovan at RAK studios. He had jodphurs on and small riding boots as he jumped out of the cab. He looked just like me!

Often we can't find the power of life even when we're born with it; like a horseman can't find his horse when he is riding on it.

I think I was obsessed with the culture of riding. I got sick of having to date guys who rode motorcycles for me to be on them.

One day I'm riding a bicycle in my neighborhood the next day I auditioned for Menudo and was on a plane to perform in front of 200 000 people.

I went horseback riding and got a big chunk of horse manure kicked into my face. It has a way of slapping you right back into reality.

I grew up horseback riding. That was my passion. I didn't start shopping until about 16 or 17 when I could drive myself to stores and explore on my own.

Some people say vaulting is like riding a bike-but not for me. I have to put in a lot of days to feel confident in what I'm doing.

Show business is like riding a bicycle - when you fall off the best thing to do is get up brush yourself off and get back on again.

I did some great work with my Calvin Klein ads on the motorcycle. It was really groundbreaking because people hadn't seen a woman actually riding a motorcycle before.

I got my first set of drums when I was around 3. I went from band to marching band to Latin jazz band - it's like riding a bike.

As for hobbies I don't really read or watch TV. I'm very active. I like surfing skiing riding bikes with my kids and working out with my friends.

There was this kind of mildly annoying mythology about conductor Like biker should riding a Harley-Davidson on an LP cover and wearing a sort of a leather suit.

Bessie: 'Why don't you get married?' Zooey: 'I like riding in trains too much. You never get to sit next to the window anymore when you're married.

I'm a country boy. I grew up kicking around the woods riding dirt bikes playing football climbing rocks and all that good stuff so that's always been fun.

I love bikes. I used to own one but I fell off it when I was younger and that was the end of my bike riding days until now.

The knowledge of the nature of a horse is one of the first foundations of the art if riding it and every horseman must make it his principal study.

Relationships are kind of like riding a bull. You hang on for dear life and sometimes you get a little buck here and there ... but you get back on.

I was young and fearless in those days but always enjoyed riding at Cartmel. They used to call me 'Cartmellor' probably because I kept coming back on a stretcher.

I was never a big reader as a kid. My imagination wasn't captured by books very often. It was captured more often by boys and partying and riding horses.

I'm definitely never going to be a biker. I'm scared of cars so the idea of riding a motorcycle is just never going to be something that I'm into.

As time went on I did campaign to lighten the character a little bit to introduce some romance into the episodes outside activities horse riding and fencing and mountaineering.

Angelina wanted to make sure that any fighting in the movie would be comparable to any male actor. Everything from stick fighting to horse riding was real to her.

Gertrudis got on her horse and rode away. She wasn't riding alone--she carried her childhood beside her in the cream fritters she had enclosed in a jar in her saddlebag

There's a lot more pressure when you're a medal favorite. Now nobody has any expectations for me. Nobody knows what I can do so I'm riding with nothing to lose.