Resulted Quotes

All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions.

The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm.

Every Indian outbreak that I have ever known has resulted from broken promises and broken treaties by the government.

The omnipotence of evil has never resulted in anything but fruitless efforts. Our thoughts always escape from whoever tries to smother them.

Since September 11th federal terrorism investigations have resulted in charges against more than 400 suspects and more than half of them have been convicted.

Too much mercy... often resulted in further crimes which were fatal to innocent victims who need not have been victims if justice had been put first and mercy second.

My experiences with gender bias are probably the norm. What I found was that expectations of women were simply lower and this resulted in being overlooked for certain opportunities.

We can guess that the unacceptable conduct of the soldiers at Abu Ghraib resulted in part from the dangerous state of affairs on the ground in a theater of war.

I'll never forget Hurricane Katrina - the mix of a natural and a man-made catastrophe that resulted in the death of over 1 500 of our neighbors. Millions of folks were marked by the tragedy.

Capitalism has resulted in material well-being but spiritual bankruptcy.

My post-child period resulted in one instant change: I write shorter books for kids.

The cruel policy initiated by Columbus and pursued by his successors resulted in complete genocide.

The parallel development in American blues to the British movement has resulted in Johnny Winters.

The times I have tried to get close to someone resulted in me feeling threatened and weak.

So the ethic I was taught in school resulted in the path I chose in my life following school.

New techniques - often spinning out of technology and lack of privacy has resulted in new manipulative communication formats.

Historically the most terrible things - war genocide and slavery - have resulted not from disobedience but from obedience.

Populists and isolationists ignore the tangible benefits that have resulted from our active international role during the past half-century.

Throughout history most of the wrongs of the world have resulted from people absolutely sure they were in the right.

If Robert Benchley and Dorothy Parker had teamed up to write epic fantasy something like Split Heirs might have resulted.

The climate is changing. This year we have come to understand this when we faced events that resulted in fires.

It's simply not true that Donald Trump has no experience in foreign affairs. Hell two of his foreign affairs resulted in marriages!

Years of misguided teaching have resulted in the destruction of the best in our society in our cultures and in the environment.

It is one of history's greatest ironies that over the centuries the pursuit of pleasure has resulted in more pain than enjoyment.

There is good evidence that last year's European heat wave was influenced by global warming. It resulted in 26 000 premature deaths and cost $13.5 billion.

A work of art is finished from the point of view of the artist when feeling and perception have resulted in a spiritual synthesis.

We often hear that the digital age has resulted in a devaluing of time space and place. But I wonder if theseclaims are exaggerated.

Fractal litigation whereby the flapping of a butterfly's wings on one side of the world resulted in a massive compensation claim on the other.

I cannot say that I have been hindered all my life by the permutation of genes that resulted in me being born a woman.

Economic progress and better education have directly resulted in the birth of a class of voters who are better informed very demanding and highly critical.

In the 20 years before Greece end up with the Euro efforts to improve competitiveness through exchange rate and adjustments resulted only in temporary gains of competitiveness.

I was the chief sponsor of the Business Employment Incentive Program bill which resulted in hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs here in New Jersey.

The first phase of American political history was characterized by the conflict between the Federalists and the Republicans and it resulted in the complete triumph of the latter.

Take modern courtships! They resulted in the same thing as under George the Second but took longer to reach it owing to the motor-cycle and the standing lunch.

You can choose to be a person who has resulted simply from what has happened or from what you've chosen to be and do about what has happened.

Usually the person who rises within an organization has a good attitude. The promotions did not give that individual an outstanding attitude but an outstanding attitude resulted in promotions.

Five years of Republicans' failed energy policies have resulted in Americans paying twice as much at the pump as they did in 2001 while big oil companies make triple the profits.

This nation should be less worried about putting the Vietnam syndrome behind us than restarting the World War II victory syndrome that resulted in the Vietnam syndrome in the first place.

I took my menial life for granted until it became clear why my early years resulted in a lack of adoption.- J.D. Stroube (Rival: Prelude to the Mirage Chronicles.)

It is the recognition of history as a record of human experience which has inevitably resulted in the inclusion of this conquest of civilization within the framework of a complete human history.

It is always man's ideas which drive his actions. This has at times resulted in great evil; but as we look around us we cannot doubt that it has resulted in greater good.

Ill never forget Hurricane Katrina - the mix of a natural and a man-made catastrophe that resulted in the death of over 1 500 of our neighbors. Millions of folks were marked by the tragedy.

This has resulted in more and more people becoming inner-directed and having as their only goal getting as much as they can get out of the system and putting as little into it as possible