Resonated Quotes

Buddhism resonated very powerfully with a lot of my preoccupations.

The conversations about a film are an example of success because then you know whatever you've done has resonated.

My story has resonated around the world. I am just Catherine I just like to run. And I'll run with opportunities.

The blue collar milieu was something that I really understood and resonated with me and I thought was underrepresented in American cinema.

I think I was able to talk to people about values in ways that people - in ways that resonated with folks.

I grew up in a suburb of Ohio in a small town and I resonated with that small-town feeling where everybody knows your business.

I am glad it's [California novel] resonated with people because for me most apocalyptic novels aren't scary because they feel so very far off.

It wasn't about mechanics; it was about a feeling wanting to give someone something which in turn was really gratifying. That really resonated for me.

Knowledge is first and wisdom is the manifestation of knowledge. To understand this tone and pattern of thinking in the numerical way automatically resonated with me.

To understand Occupy Wall Street you have to understand artists. Art is freedom - freedom of expression - and its message has resonated through society for centuries.

In his voice resonated the timbre of a man who thinks he has convinced himself of an idea but masks his own doubt by laboring to persuade others.

From a very young age militarism and trying to solve the world's problems through militarism is something that has always resonated with me as being a bad idea.

The films that have influenced me and the films that have motivated me and inspired me were films that resonated films that made me think after I saw them.

When he thought of his history what resonated with him now was not all that he had suffered but the divine love that he believed had intervened to save him.

I'm a serious eater and a seriously hungry person so I set out on that path to figure it out for myself and of course it really resonated with other people.

When I think about my career and how it all started it really started with me getting to a point where I understood how to write songs that resonated with people.

When the TV version of Annie came on I was drawn to it. It was the struggle of this poor kid in this environment and how her life changed. It immediately resonated.