Resiliency Quotes

Resiliency is the key to love.

Resiliency is not gender- age- or intellectually specific...

Resiliency is the essence of a global positive framework...

You can talk about strategy all you want but what really matters is resiliency.

Stronach's fragile beauty belies an emotional strength pragmatic resiliency and intellectual courage. Her ideas and choreography are both enigmatic and playful.

I may not be the most patient woman in the world or the most glamorous or the most athletic but I'm right up there at the top of the line when it comes to resiliency.

Your soul has a resiliency and a capacity to endure suffering that is beyond anything you can imagine.

I bring values resiliency a thick skin and I'm not afraid to be confrontational. I don't remember anyone before bringing that to the table.

Often when people tell their story they talk about their strengths and resiliency. It's really about their determination and their aspiration to survive and live.

In my view it is important that our national government exercise leadership to improve the resiliency of the entire nation in the face of continuing extreme weather.

His resiliency was not the resiliency of the dumb but of a lamb who can remember hurt but cannot sustain the anger or the bitterness that brittles the heart.

As Americans we have traditionally been the optimists sporting the 'can-do' attitude. But when it comes to addressing climate adaptation and resiliency we seem to be more 'can't do' than 'can-do.'