Resentful Quotes

Fail and your friends feel superior. Succeed and they feel resentful.

If I deny myself something I just get resentful so what's the point?

I have a theory that burnout is about resentment. And you beat it by knowing what it is you're giving up that makes you resentful.

Comedians are sometimes resentful of their writers. Probably because it's hard for giant egos to admit you need anyone but yourself to be what you are.

Tell him on the contrary that he needs in the interest of his own happiness to walk in the path of humility and self-control and he will be indifferent or even actively resentful.

Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.

We can be resentful of our age or we can be grateful for having attained it.

May we never risk the life of our souls by being resentful or by bearing grudges.

Love is patient and kind.It's never jealous.Love is never boastful or conceited.It is never rude or selfish.It does not take offence and is not resentful

I didn't handle fame very well at first. I got a little resentful.

I'd be resentful if shareholders who don't know the business tried to tell me what to do.

I do try to be resentful I really do but I just can't bring myself to do it.

There is no shame like poor shame. It can make you warm and charming bitter and resentful all at once.

Minorities within nation-states frayed by global capitalism are naturally more resentful of hollowed-out but still heavily centralised systems of political and economic domination.

You want to make people laugh and by virtue of that please them but when you're instructed to make people laugh and please them you're too resentful to do it.

The idea that you've been friends for your whole life and then suddenly the other person becomes your job - it would be so weird. It would be hard not to become massively resentful.

You can say no if that is more truthful than a resentful yes.

A parent that's upset or resentful is not going to be a great paren.

Unjust I may have been weak and resentful I have been but never inconstant.

The more we focus on the things we don't have the more unhappy and more resentful we become.

The gloomy and the resentful are always found among those who have nothing to do or who do nothing.

Patience is the ability to suffer a long time under the mistreatment of others without growing resentful or bitter.

Marriage can either be a classroom where people become wiser and better or a prison where people become resentful; and bitter.

How long did it take to become a gracious person? One who could accept help and give thanks without being resentful of it?

Each [of my wives] was jealous and resentful of my preoccupation with business. Yet none showed any visible aversion to sharing in the proceeds.

Slaves who are underfed diseased resentful despairing and filled with hate will never yield that maximum of output which they might achieve under normal conditions.

Try not be resentful or jealous of other people's success. Know that your path as a performer is going to be very different than others. Try your best not to compare.

Your rhythm is what matters to you so much that when you miss it you're resentful of your work...So find your rhythm understand what makes you resentful and protect it..

The Democrat Party makes as many people victims as possible because it freezes them right where they are. And that's usually in lower middle class or abject poverty. It makes them resentful.

Son my dad said every man needs a bitter resentful woman in his life. Because there's nothing more touching to a mother's heart than to know that her son thinks of her constantly.

Violence must be inflicted once for all; people will then forget what it tastes like and so be less resentful. Benefits must be conferred gradually; and in that way they will taste better.

This is a very tough business politics. It's easy to get resentful or full of bitterness ... (but) I think hatred hurts the hater more than the hated. So I'm looking back on my time positively.