Race Car Quotes

When you're in a race car you're going through so many different emotions throughout that race.

Every little kid has always wanted to be a race car driver. This gets some of that out.

I'm gonna be the best dad that ever lived. I'll have a ranch with a race car track and a golf course.

I keep my weight low although you need to be able to move your weight around the race car to change the balance. I'm 6ft and I'm 70kg so I haven't much fat on me.

A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments.

Designing aircraft and racing cars is an extremely exciting thing.

But my passion is racing cars. It's what I like to do in my off time.

I just always dreamed of racing cars but I didn't think I could do it as a living.

I've always wanted to race cars ever since I was a young boy as I think a lot of guys have.

Well everybody does something some people race cars others collect stamps I find tai chi to be philosophically aesthetically physically and spiritually fascinating.

Let me ask you. If someone called you and offered you a ride in the Indianapolis 500 and you were a male race car driver would you turn the ride down?

People like dogs love repetition. Chasing a ball lapping a course in a race car sliding down a slide. Because as much as each incident is similar so it is different.

The driver of a racing car is a component. When I first began I used to grip the steering wheel firmly and I changed gear so hard that I damaged my hand.

I love to feel a racing car around me to feel the way it holds me. I love to make it do all that it was built to do and then a little bit more.

A great race car driver in a bad car doesn't make great results. A great car and a bad race car driver doesn't make great results. You have to have both. It's the combination of driver and car.

I'd like to say I'm ready to kick ass and show the guys how it's done. But I'm not here to prove anything about being a woman. I'm here to drive a race car and try to win a race.

The first time I fired up a car felt the engine shudder and the wheel come to life in my hands I was hooked. It was a feeling I can't describe. I still get it every time I get into a race car.

You're safer in the race car than you are in cars going to and from the track.

Get in the race car do what I do then go home. We don't have freedom to do anything anymore.

James Finch is exactly what I'm looking for as far as getting back into the race car to have fun.

The problem is Twitter is designing the metaphorical equivalent of a Toyota Prius. A car for the masses. While I want a Formula One race car.

I enrolled in a race car driving school where you go for three days and they wanted to rent me a video camera and charge me $100 for every half-hour.

I love race car drivers I love gymnastics I love UFC I love police officers I love firefighters. I just try to give them the same enjoyment they give me.

My extensive career with its victories and defeats championships etc. has been well documented. My entire life has been focused on being the best race car driver I can be.

My friend is a former race car driver so he races for Mercedes and I root for him. I have a car that I love to race I'll take it to the track.

I've got more stuff asked of me every week. But I drive a race car for a living. My car owner lets me race as many sprint car races as I want to run.

I have a real passion for driving. Earlier on in my life I wanted to be a race car driver. But I don't pay an extortionate amount of money for cars. I'm pretty frugal.

Coltrane had a sax Dale Earnhardt drives a race car and everybody has their tools.

As a driver you want to race every lap possible especially when you've got a good car.

I will always enter a race car from the left side. Always. Why? I have no idea.

Every day in life there are challenges; whether you're an accountant a race car driver or whatever you do.

It seems that these phenomenal feats that race car drivers are performing are instinctive. They [require] very little mental workload.

When you're in a car which can win every race or fight for a win every race that is pressure.

The only healing Iâ??ve ever known is getting back in that race car â?? for all us racers.

I race to win. If I am on the bike or in a car it will always be the same.

Janet's a serious racer with some good race-car stuff. She can get the job done. I respect her as a racer.

As a race car driver driving is the easy part. The hard part is containing the emotions on the race track.

It's pretty cool to be able to hang out with the President and have the race-winning car on the South Lawn.

You think I'm a pretty good race car driver? Wait until you see my brother. He's the best driver in the family.

If there's anyone in space what they'll learn about the human race will be listening to us talking on the car phone.

I'm like a fine-tuned race car. You've got to make frequent pit stops when you drink as much tea as I do.

We couldn't get the car back until well after the end of the race and we had very little time for repairs.

the car by bisecting the human outline diminishes it producing a race of half-people in a motion not of their own making

When runners win a big race these days they get a car. When I won a big race I got a ride.

We should make politicians dress like race car drivers -- when they get money make them wear the company logos on their suit.

One of my biggest problems this season was with the clutch at the start of the race. I hate to risk the car.

Driving race cars was an avenue for me to learn how to build my own car and that was my ambition all along.

If I had a musical identity that was definable then it would be time to get into painting or something else. Race car driving.

All in all it was a smooth race the car was very well balanced. I'm very proud to be the first winner here in India.

I love getting on the subway because you get on the car and you see the entire human race represented in any given subway car.

Writers now are putting total faith in designers at Apple and Amazon. It's almost like a race-car driver having no input into how cars are designed.

There is always a chance of failure of producing something totally unnecessary. But I guess that chance of failure is what makes tightrope walking race-car driving...

Dale Earnhardt was the best race car driver there will ever be in NASCAR. I would hope you don't expect me to replace him because nobody ever will.

I grew up in the industry so this whole entertainment thing is my world. If I had to leave it maybe I'd be a race-car driver. That'd be awesome.

You never want to concede a place but when youre leading the race or fighting for a podium position you can find ways to make your car very wide!

You never want to concede a place but when you're leading the race or fighting for a podium position you can find ways to make your car very wide!

People want to see the car crash instead of the race. But when you're the one in the car that's crashing it's not much fun. I'm enjoying the race.

The race car is harder to drive. If there was an in-car camera that could have watched me saw on that wheel for 500 laps there wasn't one time I could relax.

When I was three years old I had race-car wallpaper a race-car bed race-car toys. That was all I wanted. And nothing has changed. Except I don't have a race-car bed anymore.?

Guys are so predictable. They can't seem to separate fantasy from reality so I get a lot of bikers and race car drivers hitting on me. They're all just playboys so they don't interest me.