Rabid Quotes

Rabid fans were literally jumping into the camera.

I am not a rabid partisan.

I am a longtime rabid fan of Jonathan Kozol.

A rabid sports fan is one that boos a TV set.

I think what makes a good show is obviously a rabid fan base.

Seattle was a rabid film town in the '70s and '80s because it rained so much.

Country artists have advantages all over the place. The radio support is incredible. The fanbase is rabid all over.

Being a traditionalist I'm a rabid sucker for Christmas. In July I'm already worried that there are only 146 shopping days left.

I mean 'One Tree Hill' had some rabid fans - you'd be surprised - they're almost in a class of their own.

I used to be a rabid reader but now it's scripts or nothing - network television is quite relentless and you can't drop the ball.

Folks are really tired of this rabid division between Republicans and Democrats. Folks want people to come together and solve the problems and the challenges of America.

I have to say I know much more about football than I would like to because my husband is a rabid football fan and it's been so horrible.

Aside from rabid Islamists no one who wishes to be taken seriously can publicly say anything bad about the old Jews of Europe without sounding like reactionary troglodytes.

There are no fans more rabid or devoted than KISS fans. KISS fans are what all other fans are measured against. That's how it came to be known as the KISS Army.

I do not think the gay population has been all that rabid for gay marriage. Note that I do not use the words 'gay community.' Expunge that expression from your vocabulary. We are not a community.

Nixon was a crook of course but he was also a rabid football fan - and he knew the game which still astounds me but I have always had a soft spot for him because of it.

Watchmen' is like the music you feel is written just for you. 'That's my song no one else gets that but me.' That's why the fan base is so rabid because they feel personal about it.

I move around a lot. I've lived in a ton of different places - and only for a month or two at a time. I have a deep rabid curiosity so I like having a gypsy life.

I got into writing to become a 'Star Trek' writer. I was a rabid fan. I had shelves and shelves and shelves of action figures in my bedroom that scared away more dates than I care to admit to.

Twilight''s got some avid - and rabid - fans.

In Cookie's defense it was raining wildcats and rabid dogs.

Technically speaking you drive like a rabid chicken who has hijacked a tractor.

Our fans are like rabid beasts that rub themselves with the nectar that is Psych.

Christophe with the careful tone of an adult telling a kid not to pet the nice foaming-rabid pooch.

The old appeals to racial sexual and religious chauvinism to rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work.

If I can face a street full of rabid zombies I can tell a boy I like him. Right?

I don't think that brutality and idealism are mutually exclusive. It's a common denominator in my work - rabid idealism.

Pussy power's pulling me down down down down. When it's there and I can't have it I get real real rabid.

When she was too young to resist or even to understand I turned my daughter into a lifelong rabid Yankees fan.

Indiana gets credit for having the most rabid basketball fans in the union but Maine is a very very active basketball state.

Here's where I ask why don't you spend your time doing something safer and more boring. Like maybe administering suppositories to rabid gorillas.

Travis: The Aphrodite kids were ripping each other's clothes and throwing lipstick and jewellery. It was like a rabid herd of wild Bratz.

Forget it I saidOpie could be bloodthirsty rabid radioactive and selling life insurance and he'd still be preferable to listening to the two of you.

To kill these (rabid) dogs in my opinion amount to himsa but I believe it to be inevitable if we are to escape much greater himsa.

I'm a rabid Steelers fan: I'm originally from Pittsburgh. So if the Giants or Pittsburgh are playing the rest of Sunday is all about food and football.

Lost' fans were fantastic fans. I've said this before but they were rabid and they questioned everything - they were merciless but I loved them for that.

I hate the word proper. If you tell me a thing is not proper I immediately feel the most rabid desire to go 'neck and heels' into it.

Whenever I did a good performance my Dad and my uncles who were rabid movie fans took me to the movies. There began my underlying love affair with film.

That seemed to be the case with most of the teams based in the smaller towns - the fans were more rabid and they wanted to literally kill the opposition.

You try to leave and I will hunt you down." Relief poured through her but she smacked at his thigh with the back of her brush. "Like a rabid dog? Very romantic.

Like the rabid fans of sports the same goes for fans and their actors TV shows and movies. You love what you love and it bonds you with others who love the same thing.