Zephyr Teachout Quotes

There's a tendency especially among academics to see politics as deeply dirty and deeply egotistical.

People respond to political characters in archetypal ways. A fun game is to think of a politician and ask "Which god is that? Are they like Aries? Are they like Athena?

I think about people and events in terms of archetypes a lot.

I think the reason you see so many people dropping out of politics is because there's an anti-poetic strain in modern political discourse.

My current goal is to change the way we think about antitrust and anti-monopoly.

A lot of politics plays at the level of myth and if you understand that then you feel like you have access to the secret language of politics.

I'm not from the arts I'm a law professor. But I think we need more poetry in politics.

Having more candidates come with a creative and artistic sensibility would actually bring more people out to vote.

What happens in New York affects national policy in very significant ways.

There is a long American tradition of suspicion of concentrated economic power because of its tendency to corrupt government and turn it from a democracy into a plutocracy.

It's a lot harder to push forward things like energy policy. There's a big dream out there about wind and solar power.

I feel much more comfortable in politics than I did in book writing. Book writing is so hard. Politics felt easy compared to that.

I think that most people have deeply creative sensibilities.

I tend to be a kind of left federalist. There's a value to more power of certain kinds being positioned at a more local level.

New York City is one of the most vulnerable cities in the world to climate change so I see Keystone as the central threat to New York.

People think that the politician is just part of a system and whether they're lying or not doesn't matter.

Oftentimes people get it wrong when they say we need to educate voters first and then give them power. I tend to favor giving them power first.

Public education is so important - resisting privatization and charterization high-stakes testing and defunding. It's important for New York but it's also important for the country.

One of the most dangerous things about Fox News isn't that it's right wing but that it's nihilistic. It takes away the capacity to believe in politics.

If you think art is a competitive forum then you're going to stop doing it if you're not good. But if it's not competitive it's something that you'll keep doing.

What I see increasingly is that companies are playing political roles. We should actually have our research and our laws map that.

Creativity is essential to any kind of joyful living. Sometimes I act sometimes I draw I paint I write poems. I can't imagine living without it.

Because jurors have an extraordinary amount of power over the situation and of the people and the story in front of them they tend to pay pretty intense attention to what's happening.

I tend to think that knowledge is preceded by power instead of the other way around.

You can't just provide power you also need public education.

Integrity is hard work. I do think the Internet makes it harder because of the temptations of performance. You can perform and have integrity but it's easier just to perform.