William Westney Quotes

[perfectionism leads to] a tendency to apologize preemptively for one's efforts knowing from experience that there's sure to be something wrong with them.

Don't attribute mishaps to a lapse in concentration - if you missed the note you don't know it.

If we're not actively making things better chances are we're making them worse.

Music study presents a natural here-and-now route to selfknowledge and self-integration.

Much music teaching seems more concerned with controlling the student than with encouraging the student's own impulses.

If you have played "six times wrong one time right" the problem is not quite corrected.

Robotic correctness is the last thing judges want to see or hear

. .the most crucial ingredient by far for success in music is . . .what happens in the practice room.

Mistakes are . . . immensely useful. . . they show us . . . where we are right now and what we need to do next

Learning itself is a fulfilling adventure at all points in the process. In fact psychologists have listed learning as one of the basic universal joys of human experience.

Music the most abstract and uncanny art is an eternal river of sound moving through time. We can free ourselves from whatever may be holding us back and join that flowing river.