William Peter Blatty Quotes

I get cassettes near Academy Award time of every movie that's made that thinks it has some kind of chance for a nomination - that's when I watch my movies.

Well the research into it affected me. And the novel it very much strengthened my faith.

God never talks. But the devil keeps advertising Father. The devil does a lot of commercials.

The terror drifted over georgetown like the sun over a blind mans eyes

Earth is a homicide victim. We lose our children. There are wars. Disease. And God comes strolling by like a cosmic Billie Burke.

But a myth to speak plainly to me is like a menu in a fancy French restaurant: glamorous complicated camouflage for a fact you wouldn't otherwise swallow like maybe lima beans.

You don't blame us for being here do you? After all we have no place to go. No home... Incidentally what an excellent day for an exorcism...

For I think belief in God is not a matter of reason at all; I think it finally is a matter of love.

What looked like morning was the beginning of endless night

Procrastination is what we often call 'resistance.

As far as God goes I _am_ a nonbeliever. Still am. But when it comes to a devil---well that's something else.

We use concepts like "consciousness"---"mind"---"personality " but we don't really know yet what these things are.' He was shaking his head. 'Not really. Not at all.

The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us; but he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. His attack is psychological Damien. And powerful.

I'm not aware that I was consciously influenced by any director though these things often happen unnoticed submerged in the unconscious.

I tried to make every bit of it as creepy as I could. And I had the same response you do. I feel the same way. The hospital scenes that procedure was so real.

Perhaps evil is the crucible of goodness... and perhaps even Satan - Satan in spite of himself - somehow serves to work out the will of God.

Horror does not interest me and so I know little of its practicioners old or current

Your thoughts are too dull to entertain.

When the filter is weakened by a powerful drug what we see is not delusion but the truth.

I have never read horror nor do I consider The Exorcist to be such but rather as a suspenseful supernatural detective story or paranormal police procedural.

Would you like to hear a nice definition of jealousy? It's the feeling that you get when someone you absolutely detest is having a wonderful time without you.

And the sad truth is that nobody wants me to write comedy. The Exorcist not only ended that career it expunged all memory of its existence.

I didn't read The Haunting of Hill House until sometime early in the 1990's.

I lived in Georgetown in the late 70s about four houses down from the steps.

I'd sold the book first. Actually to a paperback publisher. I had nothing. I just had the idea.