William John Wills Quotes

The actual danger is nothing and the positive advantages very great.

Melbourne is wonderfully altered since I last saw it. There are some very fair buildings in it now and things are a little cheaper than they used to be.

We have this morning dropped anchor just off Williamstown.

The pigeon here is a beautiful bird of a delicate bronze colour tinged with pink about the neck and the wings marked with green and purple.

Both camels are dead and our provisions are done.

Everyone who comes out does a very foolish thing in bringing such a quantity of clothes that he never wants.

This country is undergoing great changes for the better.

I consider nothing low but ignorance vice and meanness characteristics generally found where the animal propensities predominate over the higher sentiments.

I am often disgusted at hearing young people I know declare that they are afraid of doing this or that because they MIGHT be killed.

I see by your letter to my father that you are rather afraid the French may invade England.

Our journey so far has been very satisfactory: we are most fortunate as regards the season for there has been more rain this winter than has been known for the last four or five years.

What you say about this world I do not quite agree with; I think it a very good world and only requires a person to be reasonable in his expectations and not to trust too much to others.

I do not like Melbourne in its present state.