Wen Jiabao Quotes

There are people who will appreciate what I've done and there will be people who will criticize me. Ultimately history will have the final say.

Only when the masses are reassured can the country be at peace. Only when the country is at peace can the leaders be relieved.

If people are able to run the affairs of a village well eventually they'll be able to run a township and a county.

More scientific language and less diplomatic rhetoric may make this world even better.

The speed of the fleet is not determined by the fastest vessel; rather it is determined by the slowest one.

Sino-Japanese relations will certainly brighten more in the future and the flowers of friendly Sino-Japanese relations will increase their beauty.

I have a dream to provide every Chinese especially children sufficient milk each day.

Only science and the spirit of seeking truth from facts can save China. I firmly believe in this.

As long I still have a breath left in me I will dedicate myself fully to China's reform.

I believe I and all the Chinese people have such a conviction that China will make continuous progress and the people's wishes for and needs for democracy and freedom are irresistible.

Cooperation is just like two pagodas - one hardware and one software. Combined we can take the leadership position in the world.

If in a country most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few then this country can hardly witness harmony and stability.

Confidence is the most important thing more important than gold or currency.

Socialism as I understand it is a system of democracy. Without democracy there is no socialism.