Walt Dohrn Quotes

I was trying to foster a great working relationship between those two departments [design and the writing teams] because classically in animation the two don't get along.

The world is in such a place of social unrest and there's so much violence.

Sometimes actors come in you record them and they do their role.

We actually talked about Adam Sandler during the creation of 'Trolls ' because he does know how to time jokes.

If you hug someone for seven seconds it gives you a chemical drop in your brain.

I had to sit in front of all these people and act like I knew what I was doing. I faked my way through it pretty well.

We'd all [with Mike Mitchell] been together at Dreamworks for over ten years so we all had the same goals.

Mike [Mitchell] brought me on as co-director and eventually we ended up sharing a brain. It was overwhelming initially when I was working with departments I hadn't had contact with before.

I've always loved that film ['The Three Caballeros'] and we were looking for a way to apply it to our own work and 'Trolls' was it - psychedelic musical and kinetic insanity.

Since we've done that type of work [ voiceover] we know how isolating it can be and we wanted to make the actors more comfortable.