Vishwas Chavan Quotes

When you can inspire others to dream learn evolve and become one that they can appreciate and respect themselves; then you have arrived as a leader.

The quicker your forget unpleasant instances and forgive yourself or others for wrong deeds the better are your chances of focusing on your aspirations and working towards them.

Once you achieve self intimacy & self-connection success peace & wealth is not far from you.

Small decisions made over times make big impacts.

We are born rich it is for us to decide between materialistic poorness or building upon intellectual richness.

If every citizen can get rid of indiscipline syndrome we have immense potential to build more productive conflict-free harmonious and peaceful communities societies cities nations and world.

Cleanliness beings with purity of your own mind thoughts and heart.

Embrace nurture love and celebrate the child in self and others; because being child is being a future.

It is easy to climb the ladder of success if one is working on issues and aeas which are not frequented by the masses provided one is ready to face challenges.

Courage cannot be gifted to you but it is a choice you make.

Success is an outcome of conscious choices pursued consistently and tirelessly.

Who you are today is the outcome of the choices you have made in the past. Choices that you will make today will shape your future.

Transformational tools enhance one's clarity competence compassion and empower you to achieve anything that seems impossible to you and others.

If everyone sweeps their own doorstep their own neighbourhoods the world will be a clean pure and healthy place for life to prosper.

Life in love with youIs a poerty of the heartIs a song of divinity andA cosmic dance.

When you break the promises you loose the credibility. When you loose the credibility you loose the trust. So keep your promises because trust is the foundation of soulfully inspired life.

I opened my arms to embrace you Never realizing when you glided into my prana To be within me To be the source of my energy.

Love is a prayer begin it with self. If you can worship yourself without shame or guilt you will be able to respect others.

We are born winners but we are hypnotized by the society to succumb to mediocrity and moulded into self-victimization. It is for each one of us to regain our self-geniusness.

Success is a journey of transformations.