Trentemøller Quotes

I must admit I'm a total control freak. That is the way that it works best for me.

Banging techno grooves from the one and only Ben Sims. Around the time of this was written he had that tribal/funky techno sound that rocked the dancefloor. He was a favorite then and still is now.

It's very easy to overproduce stuff and you can forget those first spontaneous ideas are often the best ideas.

I really like to be alone. It's nearly like being naked in the studio and if someone were to walk in that wouldn't feel good.

Because I'm in a modern studio there are so many possibilities - you can do so much. So it's sometimes a little bit confusing for me to actually see which way should I choose.

Even if I have a quite strong melody there are so many possibilities and so many directions that you can take the music.

I really love the fact that instrumental music can have you do your own inner-movies or your own visuals to the sound. There's not lyrics dictating what you should feel.

It's pretty much the songs I write that dictate what vibe it should be and what singers it should be.

If the melodies are strong it's much easier to see which way I can take them sound-wise.

I like to surprise the listener a little bit and also surprise myself when I write the music.

There are some ideas that I know I have to try out before I find the right sound before I find the right melody.