Traci Lords Quotes

I have so many other interests: Writing acting directing real life I need little pieces of it all to satisfy me. The thirst is deep and I am complicated.

You consume me I don't even fight Oh I feel intoxicated... But beware I bite.

I'm successful in spite of my past not because of it!

Be good or don't get caught.

I am climbing to the top Of the tallest darkest tree I need to know Where heaven stops What lies Beyond the dream

Hatred is the greatest cancer that we must squash.

We're all dancing in the darkness.

I feel sublime Then I lose ground Tripping on words That have no sound of love

It's good to remember where you've been.

All we really have here on this earth is those who love us.

If you're sexy everybody will love you. That's what I wanted -- for everybody to love me.

I think sleep is unrated.