Tom Gjelten Quotes

At one congressional hearing Bishop Francis Kalabat complained that administration officials are overlooking what's happening to his fellow Chaldean Christians.

Many who later lost faith in Fidel Castro can remember how they once admired the man who needed just a dozen men to launch the Cuban revolution.

As his country crumbled around him Fidel Castro's stature diminished abroad and at home.

As Cuba's leader Castro answered to no one and allowed no challenge to his authority.

Fidel Castro was a born rebel.

They don't want to feed an ISIS narrative that there is a religious war between Islam and the Christian West plus genocide is carefully defined under international law.

Fidel Castro was loved and hated passionately.

Fidel Castro is one of the most inspiring leaders of the 20th century.

ISIS goes after any group that deviates from its extreme ideology dissident Muslims for example or the Yazidis who practice an ancient religion distinct from both Islam and Christianity.

And the pressure to clarify what exactly is happening to Christians and other minorities in the Middle East is certain to intensify in the New Year.

The country has already become multicultural. Given immigration trends it will only grow more diverse and these new Americans want to share in their country's identity.

America is or should be about inclusion. Immigrants like muslims don't and can't fit the white European mold that prevailed in this country 50 years ago.

Muslim immigrants like himself encounter prejudice here [in U.S.] but also find political and religious freedom.

Many immigrant groups have faced hostility. The Irish did in their time. Jews did. Italians did - and now Muslim immigrants.