Thomas L. Dumm Quotes

It is an admonition to myself when I am reading other people's books. Writing a book is very difficult to do even a bad one. I try to remember that when reading someone else's work.

Of course each of us has to write our own book live our own life.

None of us is perfect but the point of our writing is to try to become better to learn something that we may not have already realized about ourselves about the world we inhabit.

I look back on some of my early reviews of others and realize to my chagrin that I've been as guilty as anybody else on that front.

We can never leave loneliness behind completely - it is part of what forms us.

I worry that we don't currently have a democracy in the United States. Instead we have what [political philosopher] Sheldon Wolin has recently labeled a sort of inverted totalitarianism.

I'm pretty sure my dog Pip gets lonely when there is no one to be with him. But we humans can end up with a gnawing worry about that separation possibly becoming a permanent condition.

As lovers of truth we want to be close to it. Sometimes - evil thought evil temptation - we want to be close to it by misleading others about its presence.

At some point just about all of us experience loneliness. In a sense it is what it means to be a sentient animal to have an experience of separation from others.