Thomas Bernhard Quotes

Nothing but disaster follows from applause.

Very often we write down a sentence too early then another too late; what we have to do is write it down at the proper time otherwise it's lost.

All of living is nothing but a fervid attempt to move closer together.

I avoid literature whenever possible because whenever possible I avoid myself...

Arrogance is an utterly appropriate weapon to use against a hostile world a world in which arrogance is feared and respected even if like mine it's only feigned.

After all there is nothing but failure.

We only really face up to ourselves when we are afraid.

All my life I have had the utmost admiration for suicides. I have always considered them superior to me in every way.

Everyone is a virtuoso on his own instrument but together they add up to an intolerable cacophony.

Toda idea al fin y al cabo es una idea demencial.

Women were like rivers their banks were unreachable the night often rang with the cries of the drowned.

The anger and the brutality against everything can readily from one hour to the next be transformed into its opposite.

Only when I am by seawater can I truly breathe to say nothing of my ability to think.

Everyone he went on speaks a language he does not understand but which now and then is understood by others. That is enough to permit one to exist and at least to be misunderstood.

The art we need is the art of bearing the unbearable.

We have to keep company with supposedly bad characters if we are to survive and not succumb to mental atrophy. People of good character so called are the ones who end up boring us to death.

Parents have a child and in doing so they bring into the world a monster that kills everything it comes in contact with.

Instead of committing suicide people go to work.

I had to spend my entire childhood in the Altensam dungeon like an inmate doing time for no comprehensible reason for a crime he can't remember committing a judicial error probably.

The thinking man always finds himself in a gigantic orphanage in which people are continually proving to him that he has no parents.

We publish only to satisfy out craving for fame; there's no other motive except the even baser one of making money....

A criminal is undoubtedly a poor soul who is punished for his poverty.

...He was just scraps of words and dislocated phrases.

People keep a dog and are ruled by this dog and even Schopenhauer was ruled in the end not by his head but by his dog. This fact is more depressing than any other.

Those are terrible people who don't like Glenn Gould... I will have nothing to do with such people they are dangerous people.

We Can Only Exist By Taking Our Minds Off The Fact That We Exist

It would be wrong to refuse to face the fact that everything is fundamentally sick and sad.

The only friends I have are the dead who have bequethed their writings to me--I have no others.

You are never truly together with one you love until the person in question is dead and actually inside you.

What is ridiculous about human beings Doctor ' the prince said 'is actually their total incapacity to be ridiculous

The study of sickness is the most poetic of the sciences.

I did not want to be anything and naturally I did not want to turn myself into a mere profession: all I ever wanted was to be myself.

everything is ridiculous if one thinks of death