Terrence J Quotes

I plan on having the credibility and integrity of being a part of an entertainment news program like 'E! ' in addition to being on the actor side as well.

I went to an historically black college where we're always told that there's limitation. And so I'm happy to represent for black colleges.

If my goal is to become a movie star me working at a pizza shop won't help me. I have to make the stars align.

Going from college to being on national TV almost fresh outta school it happened really fast.

I've really learned to compartmentalize the different parts of my life. I work really hard.

I think anyone who gives you relationship advice goes off of past relationships they have that didn't work. You've got to follow your own path.

I fell in love with radio once I started working there and I never stopped.

My very first acting gig was in a movie for Russ Parr. He did this movie called 'Love for Sale ' and that was my first role in any film.

You can't take people's opinions personally. Usually what people say about it is a reflection of them own issues.

I love film and I love sitcoms and I was one of those kids that would just go to the movies on the weekend and spend my whole weekend watching all of the movies.