TemitOpe Ibrahim Quotes

Own your mistakes learn from them; apologize if you have to and then be unapologetically you.

Live conscious of every moment and the wonder available in it.

Be mule-like stubborn about your happy

When you are not afraid to fail you will always win.

The simplicity of life never ceases to amaze me and the many ways we complicate it blows my mind.

Intimacy with GOD is most exhilarating most amazing most exciting and most rewarding of all.

If you must catch you must not fear what is being thrown.

True beauty is a beautiful character shinning through.

Conquer fear and you have conquered all.

To be fearless you must fear less

Knowledge evolves understanding matures & wisdom progresses.

Knowledge evolves understanding matures and wisdom progresses. Don't be so hung up on what you think you know.

Trust GOD with the life He gave you; follow His lead.

Hope is fuel for living; without it we'll stop here.

Greatness in the making feels just like you feel right now. Time will soon tell.

There's just as much to be heard in silence as there is in a room filled with words.

GOD couldn't love you more than He already does; His love is infinite!

GOD made you a masterpiece stop treating yourself like a shattered piece.

Don't worry keep at it you will soon shock the world