Ted Sarandos Quotes

A lot of our animation projects are co-productions with French production companies.

The current distribution model for movies in the U.S. particularly but also around the world is pretty antiquated relative to the on-demand generation that we're trying to serve.

The real great news is in the piracy capitals of the world Netflix is winning. We are pushing down piracy in those markets by getting the access.

Adam Sandler is a remarkable movie brand.

I think when you see 'Ridiculous Six ' the show speaks for itself in terms of its treatment of American Indians.

Orange Is the New Black' and 'Sense8' have enjoyed great success all over the world.

Orange Is the New Black' was by far the most watched show in both France and Germany and in fact all of the markets that we launched.

More and more what we're licensing we're licensing on a global basis - even though the studios aren't orchestrated to sell that way yet my bet is that they will.

The best way to really make the VPN issue a completely nonissue is through global licensing that we are continuing to pursue with our partners.

Our value proposition to consumers is so much more about completeness than freshness. Having the complete season is so much more valuable in our business model than having last night's episode.

I love personally the experience of going to the theater going to the cinema.

Being able to compete for consumers' attention and dollars over the preciousness of access is a thing of the past. Everyone is using the Internet to globally market a product.

I think being a partner with the studios and networks and more importantly being a great source for consumers to watch that programming is always going to be a part of our programming mix.

The Disney deal for us we are very excited to be their Pay 1 partner where we are a big licensing partner of Disney all over the world in all different windows.

Walking Dead' has done great on Netflix but to pay for the full output deal just to get 'Walking Dead' didn't make sense.

Typically if you buy a studio with a library their library is pretty well licensed out many years in advance so you are not really gaining access to the programming in that way.

Marco Polo' had some negative reactions in the press. Viewers have loved it and the volume of viewing has been phenomenal.

Typically on a TV series the writers on a show are writing for their life almost every episode. When someone sits down to write a Netflix show they know there's going to be a 13th hour.