T. K. V. Desikachar Quotes

Yoga is both the movement toward and the arrival at a point.

Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.

When we are attentive to our actions we are not prisoners to our habits.

The practice of yoga only requires us to act and to be attentive in our actions.

The ultimate goal of yoga is to always observe things accurately and therefore never act in a way that will make us regret our actions later.

It is not only important how long your breath is. What is more important is how smooth and subtle it is. For length of breath without the accompanying subtlety is fruitless.

Another important aspect is that the masters taught us to move from a deeper source not just from muscles and joints.

The way that we see things today does not have to be the way we saw them yesterday. This is because the situations our relationships to them ad we ourselves have changed in the interim.

The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings.

In stages the impossible becomes possible.

The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.

The recognition of confusion is itself a form of clarity.

Mastery of yoga is really measured by how it influences our day-to-day living how it enhances our relationships how it promotes clarity and peace of mind.

A good teacher sees the commonality of all human beings and helps each individual find his uniqueness.

As a Yoga Therapist focus on increasing people's quality of life not on curing diseases.

The knock at the door tells the character of the visitor!

Yoga unlike dance or mime is not an expression of form for others to watch.

The world exists to set us free.

The success of Yoga must not be measured by how flexible your body becomes but rather by how much it opens your heart.

Yoga serves the individual and does so through inviting transformation rather than by giving information.

It is not enough to jump if you want to reach the sky.

If we do not pay attention to ourselves in our practice then we cannot call it yoga.

There are two types of teachers. Those who tell you what you want to hear and those who tell you what you don't want to hear.