Susan Isaacs Quotes

It's not that I'm apolitical... In my youth I was a freelance political speechwriter which taught me a lot about writing fiction I must add.

There are days where I lose track of time of place of everything else because I've been transported to another universe.

Whether you're an obstetrician or a third-grade teacher or a real estate agent you know when you're doing good work. You're passionate about it.

I like to show ordinary people reacting to extraordinary circumstances. It's an opportunity for adventure and I like women to have adventures. There's been far too little of it with women.

I was always the weirdo who wanted to have an egalitarian service in synagogue and felt I was always going against the grain.

I must have been yearning for some Jewish content beyond my genetic makeup because soon after my 21st birthday I noticed I was no longer dating WASPs.

At the beginning I really wanted to be home with my kid. I was a product of my generation. But in the suburbs you are very isolated really alone.

I see myself as writing biographies the complete story of someone's life.

I am married to a happy camper. He's a criminal lawyer who thinks people are inherently good and will befriend him. His father at 93 is the same way.

I love being a grandparent. I'm one of those you want to avoid - I pull out the iPhone and say 'Hey wanna see my camera roll?'

I've had lots of commercial success. I've also had some terrible reviews and some wonderful reviews.

There are so many different worlds in Long Island. That's why it's so fascinating. Between Great Neck and Montauk there are 10 000 worlds.

For a novelist no matter what it's a complete work even if it's not published. But if you write a screenplay and it's not performed then it's a sad and frustrating experience.

Just as you can accept Miss Marple going to tea with the vicar there's no reason why Long Island can't have a universality to it.