Steve Dildarian Quotes

I found a lot of animators bring a lot of baggage to the party just that there's a certain way of doing things in that world that's a little hard to unlearn.

I'm not honestly a real student of animation. I never was into it all that much. I don't really watch any animated shows.

I don't necessarily consider myself part of the animation world.

The nature of the writing and the nature of the animation meant that it had to be short.

I'm pretty strict with anyone on our crew when people start to draw too well or draw some in-betweens in the animation.

I was never an actor. I had done one or two random projects in my advertising career.

I'm a slave to the beats of the story not to the words we use to tell the story.

If I ever wanted to pick someone's brain like Larry David would obviously be the most relevant.

No matter what happens the world can be pretty ridiculous and people be pretty ridiculous but how would you react? That's an easy filter to put any story through.