Stephen Malkmus Quotes

Besides going on tour and playing songs and arranging things going to practice it's all I know to be productive.

Despite my own doubts of being marketable or crushworthy my goal was to write a record of peppy pop songs hopefully without annoying anybody.

Basically no one else gives me any opinions on lyrics. I don't ask for them. If they did I would listen.

Family is the best. I can honestly say it's a gift that is beyond making art. I didn't know that when I got into it.

Ð?ur music it's an acquired taste. It's almost cult even at our level. It can mean nothing to somebody and it can mean everything to somebody else.

I just imagine that every song in and of itself is great but when you add them all up it's too much of me maybe.

We always did our own mixing.

Lou Reed is something like a personal favorite of mine but you could always put me into that drawer of singers who can't really sing who speak their songs.

I'm not sure if you can blame everything on the American way of life but the United States are big. So if you have a lot of people there the percentage of stupid people is bound to be higher.

There's no point that an album should sound like a watered down version of another album.

Some people they've had a lot of fun even if it was dumb fun and a shitty body of work.

You don't realize that when you're young and you're surprised there's a lot of people at your gig - you just think it's general British-press hype.

When a band means a lot to you you build the fantasy more than the reality. Always.

I thought The Doors were the greatest band for a while.

I've lost my writing skills since college. I couldn't write a book. It would take a long time.

I guess the majority of people who want to ban certain musicians are the ones who are so proud of everything America stands for.

I'm better when I'm an autodidact and things just come. Or you're just blessed. I'm not bragging or anything it just comes to you.

A good voice isn't so important. It's more important to sound really unique.

We're not on a desperate mission to write chart compatible stuff.

If there can be some paradigm shift thing that you can be part of that's cool.

I don't know if you look back on your life and just see successes but probably the first things that pop up are the regrets.

There's no reason to stop. Who knows what's around the bend? To participate meet new people. It's mostly other musicians and people like you or anybody I meet who's in this that keeps me going.

We [ Paverment] were definitely unafraid of playing wrong notes and singing wrong things. We could be fearlessly bad!

You know the songs that are self-conscious or jerky they are that way but the other ones aren't so that's a good thing. Some of the songs are Beck-jokey but the others they have heart in them.

The lyrics are different from Nick Cave songs and lyrics. His songs are very narrative.

Something taken off the page can sound great I guess. Usually it doesn't. It seems like lately Pitchfork is trying to champion lyric writers more.

There's something in life that's cool it's relatively cheap and fun and populist. Even when it's elitist.

Almost every band has somebody who's the main songwriter and who has a vision a very clear idea of how a song should be.

I really do think everybody can sing.

I didn't really like confessional poetry or things. They seemed sort of dated to me or just corny.

I'm not dying for things to say.

Men are men and women are women but the men are dumber than the women usually.

I did some writing. I was just taking the kids to school. I did a couple things and we did some tours. It was a lot of downtime.

I'm more into describing a scenario and I move around in that scenario.

I never decided to start singing to be a singer.

I don't even think my voice is really good.

If a voice is just too nice without an edge it kinda all flows by. You forget it. You don't listen to the lyrics.

I still hate [the Eagles]". There's levels of evil in it to me.

I think it's just entertainment for people that are interested in the form. To sing along to and be psyched by.

Don't go to the same studio twice or work with the same engineer twice.

I'm not dying for everyone to hear everything we do. Forty minutes every two years is sensible.

We're probably a couple of freaks who've created their own little universe are living in our own little world and that's the only place where we can survive.

The best I do if I'm just playing around and riffing in a fantasy world and then I'll write something down. Hopefully I write it down.

Usually [the lyrics] go from one word to the next word - there's no finish line. The music was that way too.

George Oppen wasn't a larger than life personality but I'm not either. And he lived a long time so he was happy. Going down in flames is fine too.

There's always a chance a goal to make something different and get it right finally.

That's why you go to a nice studio. You can get a magic take. You don't really have to do anything to it.

If you have no shame and it's your goal to get people into bed how much higher could your success rate possibly be?

I like that band Get Hustle. They're cool live. I haven't heard their records though.

I like visual imagery in my head.

I don't really know where the songs are coming from often. Many of the best things I made up were just off the top of my head.

I'm thinking I'm singing like Ozzy Osbourne but I don't sound like him enough ever.

But then again I wouldn't call myself an indie-rock supporter even if there are some really good bands out there and there will always be some real good new bands.

Lyrics are back maybe. It seems like there was a bit of an attitude that lyrics are not important.

So much of rock lyrics is just a mirror of real feeling. It doesn't feel dangerous to me. They just feel like "rock lyrics.

What producers did was mostly recording in the studio so it never changed our sound just that much.

The word "down " is very musical. It just always comes.

Obviously songs and musicians mean a lot to people.

It's normally in the morning just playing around. And I'm not saying everything I make is great but that's what I do. I can't even remember how I wrote stuff.

With some songs I have written narratives or I've tried to carry it through but generally the things that were more genius as far as I was concerned were not that.

But we're still rehearsing and planning to make a new album next year. We have some really good new songs that we've already been playing on that last tour that we just finished.

Well yeah I sang to some songs on the radio or in the shower.

Most people want to be seen or heard. You want to shine. That's my way of shining.