Soroosh Shahrivar Quotes

He was going to embrace love every day. He would appreciate the world every hour. And he will believe in God every second

He had never met a girl who shot an arrow straighter than Cupid did

Death one way or another would breathe life into a new order of balance today.

There are no such things as accidents. Only fate redesigned.

The only wealth that mattered was affinity and generosity. Affinity towards oneself and generosity towards the world itself.

The day you are born is the day you start dying

Leadership was not an act of bravery but rather forbearance and the strength to move forward with humility in the belief of what is righteous

For it is when calm clouds gather that thunder is made

Take a child away from a mother and she will bring the world to its knees for justice to be served.

He was everyone and every living creature in one ecstatic motion.

Love was supposed to be the easiest path to divinity

Hope had only revealed herself to him when he was immersed in darkness

In searching for himself he had come to understand that he was defined by selflessness

Happiness is nothing more than an emotional euphoria