Samuel Morse Quotes

Science and art are not opposed.

Painting has been a smiling mistress to many but she has been a cruel jilt to me; I did not abandon her she abandoned me.

Alas the very name of picture produces a sadness of heart I cannot describe.

The mere holding of slaves therefore is a condition having per se nothing of moral character in it any more than the being a parent or employer or ruler

Every child has a dream to pursue the dream is in every child's hand to make it a reality. One's invention is another's tool...

If the presence of electricity can be made visible in any part of the circuit I see no reason why intelligence may not be transmitted instantaneously by electricity.

Education without religion is in danger of substituting wild theories for the simple commonsense rules of Christianity.

The Jesuits"are a secret society "? a sort of Masonic order "? with superadded features of revolting odiousness and a thousand times more dangerous.

What Hath God Wrought.

What God hath wrought?

My price is five dollars for a miniature on ivory and I have engaged three or four at that price. My price for profiles is one dollar and everybody is willing to engage me at that price.