Romany Malco Quotes

I have the appetite to do different roles that have different backdrops. I'd like to show that there's more to people sitting in cars for reasons other than being police officers.

My experience in the music industry made me very thick-skinned. Your art is something very personal and there's never a shortage of critics when it comes to art.

I don't want every fan; I'm interested in fans interested in quality work authentic archetype depictions.

When faced with emotional pain I become still for hours sometimes days doing absolutely nothing. It helps me get to the truest source of my suffering.

I haven't really been auditioning. For me is about finding quality work versus finding work. I get a considerable amount of offers everyday.

Wanting an honest opinion about my art from someone whose opinion I respect makes me feel vulnerable. It's a great space to be in.

It's extremely difficult to come across quality material. It's a competitive world.

For me comedy and drama are all the same thing.

One of my biggest lessons in life is we heal at the speed of our forgiveness.

I'm taking the indie filmmaker's approach to building my career and that approach is developing a relationship with the fans.

I'd like to change the depictions of life love and adventure under what's known as the typical overused backdrop of Hollywood.

If you are courageous enough to be still you are a step closer to becoming empowered.

I feel comfortable working with people who are secure in themselves and confident in what they do.

Being able to engage my creativity in a way that makes a difference inspires me more than anything.

For my lifestyle I believe in living 10 times below my means. As a result of that I have the luxury of working only when I'm inspired.

My goal in life is to bring to the screen really believable depictions that make you think "Damn I have to look within myself.

I'm not really volunteering for no family films. I really like the sweet spot of being able to be edgy and controversial.

I do not have a daily routine but each morning I try to spend an hour in bed visualizing positive outcomes for my life health and career.

I'm one of those people for whom success is one thing but significance is another. If I can have both I'm living the dream.

I learned early in life that laughter is a great way to diffuse and uncomfortable situation so I began to use that as a tool throughout my life.

I've lived in Paris. I've lived in the Slovak Republic. I've spent extensive time in England and I've traveled all over Europe.

Education introspection self-love and excellence are the only ways to overcome the wrath of ignorance

I had a grandmother who would always encourage me to learn about theater and film.

I don't drive an Escalade; I've never lived on a mansion; I live in a townhouse. Even with my internet business when I was making just shy of a million and a half a year I lived in the same house.

Writing a funny story is one thing. But writing a funny story that inspires others to venture beyond their level of comfort in pursuit of their greater good is what makes me come alive.

Hollywood is running out of money and in order to keep geetting a third financed you have to rely on overseas funding and in order to do that you have to get recognizable names.

An unresolved past erodes beauty in the present.

The Universe responds to specificity.

I always try to get as personal as I can with the characters that I play which is a reason why I don't play a lot of characters.