Roger Kahn Quotes

Horse racing is animated roulette.

Football is violence and cold weather and college rye.

Football is violence and cold weather and sex and college rye.

Dempsey himself said you only spend so much time in the spotlight before they change the bulb. He had a very clever way with words.

No other sporting event can compare with a good Series. The Super Bowl is a three-hour interruption in a week of drink and Rotarian parties.

Boxing is smoky halls and kidneys battered until they bleed.

Baseball is for the leisurely afternoons of summer and for the unchanging dreams.

I was showing early symptoms of becoming a professional baseball man. I was lying to the press.

Robinson did not merely play at center stage. He was center stage; and wherever he walked center stage moved with him.

To age with dignity and with courage cuts close to what it is to be a man.

You may glory in a team triumphant... But you fall in love with a team in defeat.

Tennis and golf are best played not watched.