Rodrigo Santoro Quotes

In a lot of roles strong women feel like they need to apologize. But men don't need to apologize for being ruthless and women somehow do?

I enjoy playing evil but not one-dimensional evil characters. I like the ebbs and cracks in the armor.

I'm a spiritual person. I'm not very religious. I was raised Catholic but I am influenced a lot by Buddhism and Hinduism.

I love both the sun and the moon day and night. But I enjoy the day the most because I live in Rio and I can play sports.

When you shoot a movie the camera is always taking taking taking and not giving anything back.

I don't want to be in a position where I'm playing roles I'm comfortable with and making money but doing it without feeling like I'm growing.

In film you're always using your tools your body your voice your emotions but onstage you use them in a different way.

It's hard the green screen; it's a different way of working.

I need to surf - surf and yoga. Whenever I'm in L.A. I go down to San Diego to surf for the weekend and I always come back perfect.