Robert Wright Quotes

...human beings are a species splendid in their array of moral equipment tragic in their propensity to misuse it and pathetic in their ignorance of the misuse.

We are built to be effective animals not happy ones.

Religion is a feature of cultural evolution that among other things addresses anxieties created by cultural evolution; it helps keep social change safe from itself.

Like a lawyer the human brain wants victory not truth; and like a lawyer it is sometimes more admirable for skill than virtue.

Once you the forces that govern behavior it's harder to blame the behaver

Being a person's true friend means endorsing the untruths he holds dearest.

Next time you see an unblemished expanse of grass think about the chemicals that probably got dumped in your vicinity to create it. Are you grateful for that?

Giving men marriage tips is a little like offering Vikings a free booklet titled How Not to Pillage.

..various people had long had the feeling that gain through pain was nature's way

In the great non zero sum games of history if you're part of the problem then you'll likely be a victim of the solution.

Jesus is not from Georgia. Jesus does not speak English. And Jesus is not a member of the NRA.