Richard Finney Quotes

After everything I've been through the last thing I'm going to apologize for is my paranoia

She knew breaking up with Ethan was going to be a full-time job because being in a relationship with him had also been a full-time job.

Answer me immediately or I'll start cutting away everything that's pretty on you...and then put it back.

All I see is my father's tax money being wasted on shooting satellite pictures of South America like you guys work for the Travel Channel.-- Todd Dooley (BLACK MARIAH - A Calling)

She loves dogs. And in time who knows maybe she would even have ended up loving the type of dogs who eat other small dogs for lunch.-- Leslie McNeill

You retain the Ki. Whether or not you become a warrior is for you to discover.

I see the reports of Anson Hunter's death have been greatly exaggerated... and I trust so are his war stories.

So you've taken to spying on her. It must be love.

Sometimes the hardest journeys are the ones that begin with little hope. But we need to take them anyway.

Don't lose your head over love. I learned a long time ago that those who love you do not understand you and those who understand you do not love you.