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Not surprisingly in most Sunni regions there has little appetite for free U.S.-sponsored elections.

Lebanon does not have a powerful army.

There are clearly many Egyptian free-thinkers and intellectuals - lots of wonderful Egyptian artists and architects and scientists.

Israel is shutting out the Arab world and shutting itself in.

The Arab Spring is over. The days of the protesters with laptops and BlackBerrys in Tahrir Square are long gone.

Hamas has long been Israel's enemy but in the wake of the Arab Spring the group is empowered like never before.

War can be fun for certain people. It's a magnet for sadists losers and angry dreamers.

War is not a petri dish to examine and analyze our emotions.

It seems nothing good comes out of Abu Ghraib.

Kidnapping is always a threat in this life of reporting on men hurting one another because of religion and politics.

We should have a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the military of their sacrifices of their failures.

ISIS controls a territory roughly the size of Maryland where 8 million people live. If it's attacked and toppled who will fill the void?

Assad's regime helped ISIS grow by attacking other opposition forces and rarely targeting ISIS.

Afghanistan and Iraq were lumped together in what was called a 'global war on terrorism.'

The Taliban may pine for a pre-industrial society but most Afghans do not.

Foreign aid projects have pumped billions of dollars into the Afghan economy.

The Taliban mostly attacks international and Afghan security forces. They rarely carry out attacks in markets.

Afghanistan was always a backwater in the Islamic world.

Foreigners who speak Arabic in the Middle East are often assumed to be working for the C.I.A. or Israel's intelligence agency the Mossad.

The Sahara is Africa's great divide.

Each time there is a conflict between Israel and Gaza accusations fly over who started it each side blaming the other.

Under Islamic law adoption is difficult.

Under a decades-old agreement Palestinian refugee camps are supposed to administer and police themselves. Lebanese troops are technically not allowed to enter them.

Many in the U.S. military believe ISIS needs to be immediately and repeatedly smashed by American drones and warplanes.

President Bashar Assad's regime is in the unique position of being targeted both by Israel and supporters of al Qaeda.

What is the Obama Doctrine? It seems to be one of disengagement to try to ignore the hot religious dry poor countries from Algeria to Pakistan.

Anyone who follows the Middle East and Islamic world in general can't deny it is often a very violent place that a band of instability now stretches from Algeria to Pakistan.

Staying in a very public fight with the U.S. is exactly what Al Qaeda wants.

Every country where the the United States maintains troops has a status of forces agreement.

Unfortunately the American policy towards Pakistan is just to worry and express concern and that is not a clear policy at all.

We're all bloggers and punks and rebels with cameras. There is absolutely no respect for career journalists anymore.

Were all bloggers and punks and rebels with cameras. There is absolutely no respect for career journalists anymore.

If you're in part of rebel-controlled Syria and suddenly your house blows up or a building next to you blows up it would be convenient for rebels to say 'It was the Americans.'

War does horrible things to human beings to societies. It brings out the best but most often the worst in our human nature.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. Killed not by a massive troop deployment but by a commando raid carried out by a few dozen highly trained men and helicopters.

The U.S. spent years and years and billions of dollars to build the Iraqi army only to watch it collapse and hand over so many of its weapons.

Bhutto's regime is remembered for having one of the worst human rights records in Pakistan's history and her government did not allow the media freedoms she criticizes Musharraf for crushing.

Israel sees the world just beyond its borders collapsing.

You gotta love the names. They're so eager earnest and hopeful: Camp Prosperity Camp Liberty and Camp Victory are the names of just a few of the U.S. military bases in Baghdad.

The Muslim Brotherhood is much more hardline than Turkish Islamists.

The Muslim Brotherhood or 'the Brotherhood' for short is an Islamic group founded in Egypt in 1928. It has been pursuing a secret campaign to take over the government since its creation.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a fundamentalist group.

For eight years you had the Bush administration with a very interventionist policy driving into world affairs driving primarily into the Islamic world army first or fist first.

The people of Gaza are trapped. Israel has sealed the border and they have no way to leave the Gaza Strip to do business.

Israel is becoming a fortress. Fences along the borders with Egypt Lebanon and Syria.

The Donetsk People's Republic is the self-declared pro-Russian government that wants to break away from Ukraine.

It's probably time to end the global war on terrorism.

The Muslim Prophet Mohammed was a big believer in charity and firmly established helping those in need as a basis of the religion.

I'm basically a pacifist.

I don't look for good-news stories or bad-news stories.

I dont look for good-news stories or bad-news stories.

The U.S. often in secret carries out counterterrorism missions all the time with drones in places like Yemen and Somalia.

For decades Saddam and his Sunni minority had imposed their will on Iraq carrying on a 14-century tradition of Sunnis controlling Mesopotamia despite a Shiite majority.

Israel specifically does not want Syria to hand over weapons chemical or conventional to Hezbollah.

Many senior government officials CIA FBI counter terrorism officials - when they look back at the decade they effectively conclude that the United States overreacted after 9/11.

There weren't many weapons in Egypt in the 1990s. Police controls on guns were very strict back then. That is no longer the case in Egypt today.

9/11 was a terrible horrific tragic day.

The U.S. invaded the wrong country destroying an odious government that was not responsible for 9/11. I don't know how you recover from invading the wrong country no matter how you spin it.

Egypt has a devout population. People go out they pray they fast.

In popular Egyptian and regional culture women are seen as weak easy victims to temptation in the same way Eve couldn't resist that shiny apple in the Garden of Eden.

A lot of Iran's empowerment is a result of the war in Iraq.

Egypt has a presidential system. The president runs the state. Who the president is matters profoundly.

Fences and walls can be effective and even soothing at least for those who build them.

Iraq was home of the Abbasid Caliphate a golden age when the Muslim world was at the forefront of math science and medicine.

Any information about U.S. special operations forces is highly sensitive.

For many foreign fighters the jihad in Iraq and Syria is a commuter war.

Persia is 7 000 years old and will fight to survive.

I have seen heroics - soldiers saving other soldiers' lives - and horrors.

To be slapped with a shoe is a dirty insult in the Muslim world.

Initially before the modern state of Iraq was created there were three separate provinces here: a Shiite in the south a largely Sunni one in the middle and a Kurdish one in the north.

Some Iraqi troops aren't willing to fight for their government. But many Shiites appear willing to fight for their religious leaders.

I think war should be illegal.

Every child is taught if you try to please everyone you end up upsetting everyone.