Richard Brookhiser Quotes

The towering genius is not apolitical.

A storyteller a displaced poet will absorb reading differently.

Depression can seem absurdly self aggrandizing to those who do not experience it But that does not make it any less painful to those who do.

To use the past he had to save it from aspects of itself.

Young healthy communities can afford to roll the dice.

[Washington had won] a war for independence and then gone home. [He embodied] the legend of the Roman who returned to his plow after saving his country.

Lincoln admitted his infirmities to make way for his spring.

As with almost every long oration there were loose ends.

Madison loathed Hamilton and loved Jefferson above all.

Jefferson could strike up the band even when he was being lazy or fearful.

Lincoln bore down or anything he handled mastering both the details and the principles.

Aaron Burr was like a new refrigerator. He was bright cold and empty.

Libertarians are believers in small government who really mean it -- no excuses no exceptions. [For Libertarians] the excesses of government are their best recruiters.

One of the benefits of a bad education is the constant pleasure of discovery.

Some lawns have all the cheer of old cemeteries.

Only the stupefying ignorance of young women prevents them from comprehending the stupefying emptiness of the men who cluster round them.

Routine is supposed to be the great deadener of souls; how much worse is the half-completed task the broken round the unfulfilled routine?

Lincoln loved other people's jokes as much as his own.

Lincoln was less well-read than many a professor or journalist but what he read he read deeply.

The Dutch practice euthanasia so briskly that they will kill themselves even before the Islamists get around to it.

Depression manifests itself in a lack of will.

Most principles are limp until they are tested.

It was as simple as walking and as hard as walking on with so far gone and so far yet to go.

Good politicians know when to move on sooner or later.

Madison lived in his head and public speaking did not come naturally to him.